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3 Days in Paris with my almost 10 year old daughter

Hi All,

We are visiting friends in Paris in late March and have some plans laid out already, like the Eiffel Tower, of course.... but I'm interested in suggestions from the well traveled on what you would do with your nearly 10 year old, who is a violin playing, art loving little girl, who could tolerate some museums, but not 3 days worth..... Showing her some quality busking is on my list, but not sure where.

Would love some creative suggestions.... I've looked on AirBnB for 'experiences', like baking/cooking as well as an art class, .... so interested in ideas here....

thank you,

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My daughter had read a book about a little girl visiting Monet's Garden in Giverny and wanted to do that. She also wanted to climb the Notre Dame tower and see the Cluny tapestries with the unicorns. she loved the Musee d'Orsay. With only 3 days I would not spend time on things she can do anywhere like baking classes, but YMMV.

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Look at a book (they have them at Amazon) called "Mission Paris" (the reviews can be funny):

This was fun for my 10yo. Luxembourg gardens and the catacombs were hits as well. The Orsay is much more accessible and manageable imo than the Louvre. Notre Dame was also a hit. In 3 days, I don't know that you will need to search out "experiences" from airbnb, bc there is so much to do and relatively so little time. Consider that each activity (Eiffel, Catacombs, Notre Dame...) will take up half a day, so with 6, you've got 3 days full. The Mission books make it all more fun for kids that age.


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I would also skip the cooking and art classes, your time is too limited.
My suggestions would be :
- Research a few things to see in the Louvre and the Musee d'Orsay.
- From the Louvre, walk through the Tuileries and then visit the Orangerie to see Monet's beautiful works.
- Attend a concert at Sainte Chapelle.
- Take a Seine cruise from the Pont Neuf.
- Visit Montmartre and the Marais

So many choices!

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Thank you all so much! We will skip the classes, and instead, I'll get a 2 day Museum Pass and hit highlights of a few places and incorporate some of the scavenger hunt ideas.... keeping our visits limited, but at least getting to them.

I do have scheduled tickets to the 2d floor of the Eiffel Tower. whew. It is much too short, but alas, we are headed to Greece as well! ;-)

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There's often quite a lot of busking and street performance outside the Pompidou Centre.

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Paris Highlights In Three Days
Utilising a 2 Day Paris Museum Pass**

Note that ...
Musee d'Orsay is closed on Monday
Picasso Museum is closed on Monday
Louvre is closed on Tuesday
Orangerie is closed on Tuesday
Pompidou is closed on Tuesday

Day #1
•Musee d'Orsay** (opens at 9.30am)
•Orangerie Museum**
•Place de la Concorde >> Madeleine >> Palais Garnier Opera >> Tuileries Gardens
•Louvre Museum** (closed at 9.45pm - Wed,Fri)

Day #2
•Sainte-Chapelle** (opens at 9am)
•Place des Vosges
•Picasso Museum**
•Centre Pompidou** (closes at 10pm - ex Tue)

Day #3
•Arc de Triomphe
•Eiffel Tower
•Notre-Dame de Paris
•Evening Seine Cruise (from Pont Neuf)

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I've not been but have always thought that the outside of Georges Pompidou looks interesting to children (the "guts" of the building are actually on the outside - piping, etc). Google images and you'll see what I mean!

From what I gather, the museum admission is free to children and it's got exhibits and workshops that are geared specifically towards children. Given that you'll be visiting in March (when whether can be questionable), it's a good idea to have a couple indoor back-up plans just in case.

I believe someone mentioned Giverny? I've been at the beginning of June when the garden is in full bloom, giving you an idea of what inspired Monet to paint many of his masterpieces, and don't know that I'd go when the gardens are more sparse. Just my two cents, of course.

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If the weather is nice enough - I'd highly recommend Versailles! You get to walk through to mansion and look at all the art, but the most fun for me was walking through the gardens (you can also bike or rent golf carts) and go to the cottages in the back where they have all the animals - pigs, chickens, goats, livestock dogs, etc. That was my favorite part of Versailles back in the Hamlet (I think they call it that). Cute little restaurants to eat at! Versailles was one of the highlights of my week in Paris a few years back! Have a great time!

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Don't forget to hit some parks! Not just Luxembourg but also non-touristy parks like Monceau etc, which is very fun and full of kids climbing on fake ruins.