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3 Days in Paris... What Else Should I See???

I'm having a little trouble planning my itinerary for my time in Paris. I've recently adjusted my travel plans to give myself an extra day in Paris. I was planning to do a day trip to London via eurostar but have decided to visit London and potentially Scotland on a separate trip . So now I'm really stumped on what I should do for my 3rd day in Paris.

Day 1 (Thurs. Apr 27)
Arrive in Paris via Thalys from Amsterdam @ 930am (Pick up Museum Pass while at Train Station)
Leave luggage at hotel then head to Eiffel Tower
Have Lunch inside Eiffel Tower at 58 Tour Eiffel (Noon reservation)
Depart @ 2pm from Eiffel Tower to Versailles for Half Day Visit via Versailles Express
Arrive back at Eiffel Tower at around 7pm then Uber to Sacre Couer
Uber back to hotel

Day 2 (Fri. Apr 28)
Visit L' Orangerie then walk through the Tuileries to visit the Louvre Museum
Spend rest of the day at the Louvre Museum ( There are a few visiting exhibitions I MUST see)

Day 3 (Sat. Apr 29)
I was thinking of visiting Galeries Lafeyette/ Big Bus Tour of the City or day tripping to visit a chateau of sorts. Or just visiting other museums in Paris.

This will be my 2nd time visiting Paris. So I've already visited some of the major must see sights already.

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don't rush but go see Arc de Triomphe and just walk the city there is beauty everywhere.
Get a guide book from the library and determine what you are interested in.
No one can really say what you should see because we do not know what you are interested in.

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The special exhibit of interest right now at the Louvre is the Vermeer. It is very popular and I am pretty sure you can't get in with a Museum Pass. Without a ticket reserved ahead you might be out of luck.

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My favorite things to do: pick a neighborhood and leisurely walk, stopping in shops (all kinds) and sitting outside at cafés to relax and people watch. I could do this all day, everyday (and did in Feb). The Luxembourg Gardens are another favorite.
Paris is so much more than museums and tourist sites.

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I really enjoyed the Rodin museum. The art and gardens were very beautiful. Enjoy lunch at the garden cafe; find a pastry shop for dessert.

I would allow a few hours at the Rodin museum if you went there for lunch.

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As this is not your first visit, how about taking a trip out of "tourist central" to see the Musee de la vie Romantique in the 9th? Interesting area to wander around too.

Here's the web link. See if appeals to you.

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There are SO many things to do! How about going in to Sainte-Chapelle (on the Museum Pass), then walking over to Notre Dame (or did you do that on your first visit?). There is no charge to go in the cathedral and altho there is always a line, it is just for security and moves quickly. From Notre Dame you could walk across the Seine one way and duck in to the Latin Quarter or Saint Germain des Pres. OR you could walk in the other direction to walk thru the Marais and have lunch at my favorite falafel place L'As du Fellafel, lol.

You could visit the Orsay Museum (Impressionists in 5th floor) or the Cluny (Medieval Paris - tapestry of Lady with the Unicorn) both of which are covered by the Museum Pass.

Do you have the Rick Steves' guidebook? He also has some great walks thru various neighborhoods that are pretty good.

You could also do a walk thru Paris Walks. They are usually about 15E for a 2 hour walk.

Your day 1 might be too much depending on how much walking you do at Versailles. It is huge.

Go to the Louvre website for the Vermeer tickets mentioned by Janettravels. They are timed tickets, not sure if they sell out but it's better to have them before. The special exhibits are not covered by the Museum Pass so you have to buy an entrance to the Louvre for 17E, with which you can get a Vermeer entrance ticket free.

Your museum pass is on consecutive days so you might want to move your Louvre visit to Day 3 and use Day 1 and 2 for other museums on the Museum Pass. Versailles admission is covered but it sounds like you are doing a tour?

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From the Louvre website:

Advance reservations for a specific time slot are required for all visitors to the Vermeer and Valentin de Boulogne exhibitions. Make your reservation online (as of Monday, March 6) or at the museum on the day of your visit. This will limit potential waits to a maximum of 45 minutes beneath the shelter of the Pyramid. Due to the "Vigipirate" security measures, access to the museum may take longer.

Here is where you can get your timed tickets to enter the exhibition(s) ahead of time. They ARE included in your museum pass but you MUST have a timed ticket.

FYI: For the rest there will be another opportunity to see the Vermeer exhibit at the National Gallery in DC from Oct. 22-Jan. 21.

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Thanks Bets. I had scoured the Louvre website and the Museum Pass website to see if the Vermeer special exhibition was covered by the Museum Pass. The only thing I wound up finding was on the Museum Pass website which says:

" • Does the PARIS MUSEUM PASS grant access to permanent or temporary collections in museums?
The PARIS MUSEUM PASS only gives access to permanent collections in museums."

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I found it in French, which is how I found the ticket reservation site; the English didn't hyperlink to it. I verified again and it says it's included in the Louvre ticket price.

From the Louvre ticket website: Gratuit pour les visiteurs ayant déjà leur entrée pour le musée, So no problem!

The Louvre rarely charges for its exhibits. Believe it or not They don't have exhibition space for blockbuster exhibits (this one will be popular but not too large), so it's usually included. The physically large exhibits are at the Grand Palais (where one always has to pay). The same is true at the National Gallery in DC.

The Pass website is misleading because exhibits are included at some museums (Orangerie, Louvre) but not all (Orsay, Pompidou Art Modern) and I don't remember the others.

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I figured it lost something in the English translation and that you had a better handle on the French verbiage!

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I have already purchased my timed ticket for the Vermeer exhibit. I purchased it when it first went on sale as I wasn't sure if the pass covered it or not. I'll be seeing this exhibit at 7:30pm because there won't be a ton of people at the museum around that time.
My day 1 may seem like a lot but it isn't too bad as I only purchased the bus transportation portion and not a full tour. This option lets me go at my own pace.
I've have a couple of the Rick Steve's guidebooks on hand now scouring/ researching what attractions and museums I may want to see.
I like the idea of going to the Rodin Museum or just milling about the neighborhood my hotel is in. My hotel is located 2 blocks off the Champs de Elysees. So I hope the neighborhood won't be too touristy.

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Hi Noella,

Day 1 does seem very busy. My recommendation is to take your time at Versailles. Once you get back to Paris, take your time at the Eiffel Tower. Have a drink at one of the cafes and maybe do a boat ride on the Seine to see the city light up.

Day 2 looks great.

On Day 3 - Take the metro or Uber to Sacre Cour and spend some time wandering around. Depending on the day of the week you might be able to book a walking tour - Paris Walks has a tour of Montmartre at 10:30 a.m. on Wednesdays ( You'll still have time to stop by Galleries Lafayette to shop. Go up to the roof top for a great (free) view of the city.

There's lots to do in Paris (my favorite city!). Hope you have a great time!

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Many times I have taken people around Paris for a day trip. My stop-points are: Bibliotheque F.Mitterand, Latin Quarter, Pantheon, Orsay museum, Invalides, Eiffel Tower, Trocadero, Arc de Triomphe, Champs d'Elysee, Louvre, Gallerie Lafayette, Opera, Royal Palace, Les Halles, Le Marais, Bastille, Bercy. All in one day, on foot. This one is quite extreme but very fun if you are fit enough to walk for 30km or more in one day. Next day we usually go to some further points such as Bercy, Monmartre, La Villette, etc.

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Just have to comment on the name- it's my name too and I will be visiting France [my mother's home country] in September. Noella from Iowa