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3 days in Lyon France.

We are staying over in Lyon for three days following a river cruise. Would like suggestions on where to stay in the old town area, as well as things to do. Thanks!

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We really enjoyed our two days in Lyon. Favorites were: walking through the traboules in the Vieux Lyon section of town and generally enjoying that area, taking the funicular up to see the Basilica (did this during day and also for beautiful night view), an excellent Roman museum plus Roman ruins amplitheather. We had extra time to also see the Musee Lumiere which I enjoyed equally for both the architecture/beautiful woodwork & the photography history. We walked up & down the Fourviere Hill besides taking the funicular; there's some interesting medieval streets beyond the lowest section, too. The Museum of Fine Arts was okay but nothing compared to options in Paris.

We stayed at a very quirky apartment but absolutely loved it; we still talk about how fun it was to stay inside the traboules. My husband even took a video of me walking up to our room. I found it on Expedia "Mon Hôtel Particulier, Lyon". I reserved the one with the ceiling ribs, similar to an old church ceiling.

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Jean has given you some good ideas. I recommend the resistance museum (Centre d'Histoire de la Résistance et de la Deportation) if you have any interest in World War II. There's also a textile/decorative arts museum.

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The above 2 posts have excellent advice as to things to do and see. I'd add a quirky museum -- The Museum of Miniatures in Vieux Lyon.
As to places to stay, besides hotels, we've stayed at an apartment we found through this site:

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• The Opera offers additional pop and folk concerts on the ground floor in the late afternoon.

• Fans of the Middle Ages and/or the Wars of Religion owe themselves the easy day trip to Vienne, where you can tour, among other things, the cathedral where the pope formally condemned the Knights Templar in the 13th century. Take one of the 'Secrets of Vienne' walking tours, but arrive early enough on your own and you can attend services in medieval splendor, sometimes accompanied by the organist playing an instrument older than Methusaleh. (If I'm thinking of the right cruise, you probably can see the facade of the church from your ship!)

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I recommend a tour with Lyon Greeters. Free one-on-one tour with a local (the organization just asks for a donation).

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1) Rick has a very good Lyon chapter in his France book.

2) The one thing Rick didn't mention that I really enjoyed was the Parc de la Tête d'or. On a nice day, it seemed the whole city was there enjoying themselves.

3) Lyon is my favorite city in France next to Paris - have a great time!

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If you like film history, photography, or cool old houses, the Lumiere Brothers house and museum is great-as is the Museum of Miniatures. The resistance Museum is quite sobering, well worth the time to learn about a difficult time in French history. Get the headset. As a side note, the famed French chef Paul Bocuse, who made his home in Lyon and is well represented there, passed away just a few days back, aged 92.

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The Croix-Rousse area is as scenic and traboule-ridden as Vieux Lyon and slightly less crowded (although still pretty touristy in spots).

If any of you are interested in cars, there's one of France's best motor museums, the Henri Malartre Museum, at Rochetaillee, a town on the river Saone a short distance north of Lyon that can be reached by city buses.