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3 1/2 days in Provence

We will arrive on a Saturday 1 - 2pm and leave on Tuesday night to Marseille just to spend the night to catch a flight the next morning. We will be staying in St Remy. This is my tentative itinerary. Make sense? Any recommendations for changes?

Sat - St Remy and Les Baux
Sun - Pont Du Gard and Avignon
Mon - Market in Cavllion - Visit the Hill towns of Luberon
Tues - Cotes du Rhone and Arles - Late evening drive to Marseille

Thanks in advance for your input!

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I would save Pont du Gard for last, because you will be traveling with all of your luggage and their parking lot is the most secure. Also, if you do the Cotes du Rhone driving tour, it will be a very long day by the time you get to Marseille. I realize you would miss Vaison's market, but that's okay - you can pick up another in the area and I preferred some other ones to that one. Here's my recs:

sat - St Remy and Arles
Sun - Cotes du Rhone and Les Baux
mon - same as you've planned (consider Joucas as a stop)
Tues - store your bags at the hotel, go to in the am, lunch in Uzes, pont du gard after lunch, drive to Marseille

I can send you the provence drive-time matrix I made if you would find it helpful. I will need an email to send it to.



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I think you are being unrealistic timewise, and will need to make some tough choices.

Sat - St Remy
Sun - Avignon
Or, Nimes and Pont Du Gard
Mon - Visit the Hill towns of Luberon
Or, Cotes du Rhone vineyards
Tues - Les Baux and Arles

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I think Davis is right about that first Saturday. Personally I rate Avignon as low priority; a chacon, but if you want to I think you can combine it with a trip to the Pont du Gard. I also like the theater in Orange.

The issue of where to leave your car full of your bags is, sadly, nontrivial, unless you can arrange to leave them in St Remy for the day and pick them up on the way to Marseilles.

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We found Nimes and Pont du Gard more interesting than Avignon, but I suppose it depends on what you want to see.