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2and half day Paris itinerary

We will be iin Paris in the first week of July for two and half days.
Arriving from Basel in the afternoon by about 1.30 pm we should be ok to move out by 4.30 pm.
We are staying close to Notre Dame cathedral.
Please help me plan an itinerary from then on and for next 2 days.
I would like to include arc de triomphe, champ d elysees, seine river cruise, notre dame, pantheon, orsay museum, versailles and louvre museums.
I have already booked for the eiffel tower top on the second day evening at 9.30 pm.
Also plesse opine regarding the utility of buying a Paris pass with this itinerary
Thank u in advance.

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I shall opine as follows:

  • Avoid the Paris Pass completely. It is very overpriced and consists only of a variety of other passes which can be purchased individually at far lower cost. A Museum Pass may be useful.
  • Purchase reduced priced tickets in advance for the Seine river cruise from Vedettes du Pont Neuf.
  • You really do not have sufficient time to go to Versailles. Save it for another visit.
  • For transportation within Paris, purchase a booklet of 10, individual tickets T+ for 14.90€, a savings over the 1.90€ individual ticket price. The ticket T+ may be used on the métro, bus, tramway, funicular, and between a few RER stations within Paris. Keep you ticket with you until leaving the bus/métro.
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Rick's Paris Guide book has one, two, and three day itineraries, each laid out for ease of getting around and maximizing your visit. You can easily mix and match these to suit your interests. There is also a wealth of practical information for getting around, dining, etc. Have a great trip.

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There are suggestions here

for fitting most of what you'd like to see. Take a look at a map of Paris (I use sticky notes to mark places I want to see) to get an idea of how or whether you can make it work. For example, Notre Dame closes at 6:45 pm (an hour later on weekends) and the Arc de Triomphe at 11 pm, so you could see the cathedral, take an hour-long boat cruise, see a little of the Champs Elysees and eat dinner, then climb the Arc de Triomphe on your half day.

For the Museum Pass, wait until you've figured out which museums you can fit in on this trip then add up their prices if visited individually. Two important considerations: the 2 or 4-day pass must be used on consecutive days, and you will get to skip the ticket-buying lines (but not the security lines). Make sure the museums you choose are open those days (for example, the Louvre is closed on Tuesdays).

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On your first day, in the afternoon, go to the Montmarte section (The art colony). There is a lot to see and stands for food that you can eat while you walk about. Return to Notre Dame, enter and enjoy, and then head to the Latin Quarters where there are literally hundreds of shops/ places to eat.

The next day, spend the morning at the Louvre, walk across (you can grab a quick bite in the arcade) and go to the Orsay. You will have to judge the times of a Seine cruise so you don't miss your Eiffel Tower spot.

On your last day, walk down the Champs Elysee. Stop at the Napoleon for coffee and a bite (a great spot for people watching) and get some macaroons next door at Paul's.

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Take into account that sunset is just before 10 pm, for anything you want to see after dark.

Arc de Triomphe - take the metro to and from. You'll have a bird's-eye view of the Champs Elysees and it looks a whole lot better from there than at ground level - just cafes and shops catering to tourists and lots of them (tourists).

Les Vedettes du Pont Neuf has good one-hour cruises, and it's quite close to Notre Dame. My favorite time is at sunset, but that may not work out for you.

The best plan for the Louvre is to go to their website and decide what you want to see and figure out where those pieces/rooms are. It is huge. The audio guide is good. If you want it, you need to leave photo ID (driver's license works) and remember which kiosk you got it from so you don't waste time returning it.

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Another way to visit the Louvre when time is short: download Rick Steves audio Europe app, plus the Louvre download, and listen to it on your phone as he guides you on a 45 min tour thru the "best stuff" in the Louvre (Dinan wing).

Also, since you are near Notre Dame, you could take a "free tour" of Paris (about 90 min). They are offered every day south across the river from Notre Dame. Tours at 10, 11, 12, 2, 4pm