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2019 French Open

We are traveling to France next May. The French Open is on my bucket list. Looking for any tips on ticket acquisition, websites etc. Any insider tips would be appreciated. Trying to coordinate with a RS tour.

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I have been to the French Open twice, 1997 and 2000. You used to be able to buy tickets on the street, but I understand now you must have your name associated with the ticket, plus ID. The cheapest way is to buy directly from the Roland Garros Web site. We bought tickets from the web site in 2007 but could not go. Web site easy to navigate. My advice is to try to go during the early rounds (better price) as you can get a grounds pass that allows you access to all outer courts and one (you choose) of the show courts. It's fun to see up and coming players and experience the intimacy of a small court. We saw Andy Roddick and Justine Henin when they were teenagers. Good luck! It is a lot of fun. Oh, you used to be able to bring you own food in. Not sure if that is still allowed.

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We just went this June as it was on my bucket list and yes, it was AWESOME!! Here is what you need to do: Bookmark the official French Open webpage on your computer and create a login and password id. You can agree to receive emails, which are usually annoying from a lot of companies, but this will be good to remind you about when tickets will be released for sale. There are few different levels of ticket purchasing and I think around January, they have a rough daily schedule of the events on the courts, so you can figure out the best days and estimate the prices to figure out what you want to do. Keep in mind there are 18 courts and all of them have matches with senior pros, juniors, etc., in addition to the current pros. Starting in February check the webpage daily until they announce the date that tickets go for sale. (This year, I bought ours on March 20 at 3 a.m. for our 2018 tickets.) You will need to set your alarm to be ready to purchase at 9 a.m. Paris time (or whatever they say the start time is next year). If you have your login and password set up and working in advance, this transaction should be quick and easy.

Now the good part: Did I say it was AWESOME?? The grounds are immaculate. The staff are elegant. The experience was perfect. The crowd was silent during match play. We bought general ground tickets for one of the days we went (these are cheaper and get you access to any of the smaller courts all day long) and because there was a rain delay the previous afternoon--we got to see the continuation of men's single #3 vs #5 --3 whole sets--in the 15th row center for a mere 20 Euros. So don't be afraid to buy the cheaper tickets on additional days because you will see some great tennis.

It was easy to get there from the Metro train and a 15 minute walk to the venue. We got there early so there was no wait for security at all. Sorry for the long-winded answer, but if you love tennis, you will love being there!

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We went in 2014. Starting in the autumn, check the Roland Garros website to find out when tickets will go on sale to the public on line. For us it was in either late February or early March. Set your alarm as it will be early morning Paris local time. Then go online and buy.