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2019 France and Provence books

Does anyone know if major updates are included in the 2019 France and (Nov 2018 13th Edition) of Provence & The French Riviera? Is Marseille now included? Thanks.

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You can find out on the Shop Online section of this website. Find Guidebooks and look at Product details to see when the next update will be.

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Marseille has always been included in the Provence And The French Riviera book. I don't know if it's ever been included in the general France book, but it it ever was, it's been years.

If you go to a book's listing on Rick's online shop, you can look at the "What's Included" section to see covered places. If it's not listed there, it's not in the book. You should also look at the "Is This The Right Book For Me" section, to see how a book compares to other Rick Steves titles on the same region.

Here's his listing for Provence And The French Riviera:

and for France:

Note that France and Best of France are two different books. The Best Of series has less text and more pictures.

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Broadly speaking, the most number of updates this year are probably in Provence & The French Riviera, 13th Ed. and Paris 2019 (both books already available), and any overlap chapters in the France 2019 book but they don't all overlap, as well as the Brittany chapter. Marseille won't be added to France 2019.

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Any guide book will be effectively obsolete by the time it is written, printed, distributed and your subsequent purchase. Prices and exchange rates are constantly changing. On the other hand, much of a books core information is valid for many, many years. I typically purchase used guide books and refer to internet information, to include public forums, for updates to prices, availability, and schedules.