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2 weeks in Provence

Hi I'm new here and have not been to Provence before. My husband and I will be going to Provence in September for roughly 2 weeks. We will train it to Avignon, stay I night then get a car. From there travel south. We would like to have 2 bases and do day trips. Possible bases I'm thinking of are St. Remy and do day trips west of that then somewhere in the Luberon. If someone has any advice I'd be gratefull.

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Your topic is really too big for a for a forum of this type. Provence is a huge area with variations in history, economics, geography and culture . If you haven't done this already, a good place to start your research is in guide books. There are many available. You can also look at various offerings of guided tours to get an idea of what's covered, routes and timing. Once you've done your basic research, found what you're interested in, made a basic plan and have specific questions the forum is waiting for you. The more research you do the more meaningful your trip will be.