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2 day (plus) itinerary for Paris (first time)

Hello, I would love suggestions on a rough draft itinerary I've put together for Paris next month. We will be traveling from London via the Eurostar. Our hotel is near Rue Cler. What is the best way to get to our hotel from Gare du Nord? I was thinking taxi or uber because of adjusting to language barrier.

Arrive 2pm
Travel to hotel
Walk to Eiffel Tower
Open evening (not sure of plans)

Morning- Notre Dame and Saint Chappelle
Anything on Ile de Cite to check out?
After lunch- Arc de Triomphe
Visit Montmartre area
Open evening again

Morning- Louvre
After lunch- Visit Ile de St. Louis area
Visit Latin Quarter
Luxembourg Gardens
Dinner- nice dinner somewhere
Evening-1 hour Seine river cruise

Breakfast and walking near hotel or somewhere close
Travel to airport
Fly out at 2pm

Our main tourist interests are listed above, however we would like to have a liesure schedule that allows for walking around and enjoying neighborhoods. Also would like to walk along the Seine, visit a grocer (Monoprix?), go to Laduree and eat at L'as du Fallafel.

Would love tips or suggestions!

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We actually enjoyed the falafel at the falafel restaurant across the street more. They also have a street window, but tables inside if you need/want to sit down. But, my favorite restaurant in the Marais is the casual Miznon. It is just down the steet from both falafel places. It has wonderful dishes including an amazing ratatoulli and a roasted head of cauliflower with sauced. Really wish we'd been able to eat there twice. I would check for the transit routing options for Gare du Nord to rue Cler. We used the buses a lot when we were there last October. The buses are great because you can see the city and get a sense of where things are.

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Hi Samantha, your first trip to Paris, how exciting! I would just take a taxi from the train station to your hotel, easier than dragging luggage all over town.

The 7th arrondissement is a very nice, safe neighborhood. Lots to see in the area and many good restaurants/cafes.

Your itinerary looks good, just a few suggestions:

Monday - If you're looking for a good meal near the Eiffel Tower, try Alfio or Bistro le Champs de Mars. Both are located on the Avenue de la Bourdonnais.

Tuesday - do Saint Chappelle first (the line is long due to Security). The line may appear to be long at Notre Dame but it moves quickly. Across the bridge from Notre Dame is the Shakespeare and Company bookstore which has housed aspiring writers and artists since the 1950s, a nice place for browsing. Walk along the Seine and check out the bouquinistes (book sellers). After lunch I'd take the metro to Montmartre and if you have time, do the Arc de Triomphe in the evening (it's open until 10:30 p.m.)

Wednesday - looks good. If you do the Seine River cruise at twilight, you can see the city lighting up, very nice.

Thursday - your hotel is very close to the Rodin Museum and Napoleon's Tomb. It would be easy to work these in to your walk around the neighborhood.

Hope you have a great trip! :)

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Do you have a Paris Museum Pass? Great saving and You Don’t Have to Wait in Line to buy a ticket.

I’ve been to all the places in your itinerary, traveling through the city on my bicycle over six days my first visit the later 2-3 day visits. Since I have my bicycle (you can use the bikes provided for short term use,) I spend all my time above ground not on the metro.

I use Paris a Base Camp for my travels to other parts of the country.
As Rick says, “travel as if you plan to return.”
Two places I did not see on your itinerary that I would consider must see: Musee de Orsay (after reading up on French Impressionism), allow two hours. I prefer this musee to the Louvre. Secondly, twice I have toured the Musse de l’ Armees at Les Invaldes- each time spending three hours.

Also, allow time to simply wander the neighborhoods.

Jardin de Luxembourg is a great place to have a picnic (so is Champ de Mars at the Eifel Tour). Shop to for bread, fruit, fromage and eat local.

Bon Voyage,
Val Valentine

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Yes, I would take a taxi (from the official taxi stand) or an app-booked Uber from Gare du Nord to your hotel, since it will probably cost under 20 euros, you have two or more people with luggage, and the Metro would require a transfer. Don't go with a random driver who approaches you at the station; they tend to charge rip-off prices.

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Arrive 2pm
-Sacre Couer & Montmartre
-Seine River Cruise

-Musee d'Orsay & Tuileries
-Marais & Place des Vosges
-Arc de Triomphe & Champs Elysees
-Dinner in a typical brasserie

-Notre Dame & Saint Chappelle
-Ile St. Louis
-Latin Quarter & Luxembourg Gardens
-Louvre (closes late on Wed)

-Eiffel Tower
Fly out at 2pm

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Wow, thank you! These suggestions are so helpful. I will check out the dining recommendations as well!

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Maybe add the Arc d'Triomphe Monday evening for a good view. It's open daily until well after sunset.

I visited Saint Chappelle for an evening concert. In this case, I'd want a concert prior to sunset so you can enjoy the great stained glass windows. Concerts are most nights. I didn't book ahead, but I was there late September.

At most busy sights, I prefer to arrive early and stand in line when nothing is open, rather than arriving late and standing in line when you could do something else. I arrived at the Louvre 50 minutes before opening, museum pass in hand and no bags, and was literally the first guest in. Because of that I was able to walk to the Mona Lisa (no running, just normal walking pace) and have the room to myself for at least five minutes before the first people started filtering in. It also allowed me to see what I came to see, essentially Rick's self-guided tour, in under two unrushed hours. After the Louvre a stroll through the Tuileries gardens followed by a short visit to the Orangerie works well.

Arriving early worked really well for the Notre Dame towers too. I arrived about 30 minutes before opening and was first in line. By the time they opened there was at least an hour line and probably more. The line to get in the cathedral doesn't matter because it moves quickly.

If you can handle one more art museum, add Musee d'Orsay.