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1st Visit - Hotel decision needed...I've spent too much time on the internet perusing

Help - I've overwhelmed myself by spending too much time on the internet today. I have narrowed down 4 small hotel options for my family of four for four nights in Paris. I'm not sure if any will be a better experience than the other. However, opinions are greatly appreciated as I have ended up confused and overthinking things. Location is my key concern, and all are similar in price point except option 4 which is a bit less costly.

  1. Hotel Therese - Louvre - Place Vendome. I can include breakfast and get double twins for kids for same price as option 2.
  2. Hotel Monge - Latin Quarter. Great reviews, location seems fun, hotel looks boutique gorgeous. Double beds only.
  3. Hotel De Lutece - Ile-De-France. I've read many recommend this location on the France forum. Double beds only.
  4. XO Hotel Paris - Arc de Triumphe. Great price, but not sure about this location?

Merci - to anyone who helps me straighten this out!!

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I'd pick Hotel de Lutece without hesitation! I love the location on Ile Saint Louis. I've stayed there and I like it very much!

Everyone has a favorite Paris location. You probably can't go wrong with any one of these.

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We've stayed at Hotel des Deux-Iles and it is (or was) owned by the same folks. Based on our experience there we wouldn't hesitate to stay at De Lutece.

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You don't mention if any of these places has AC. If you're going in summer, it's important . Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

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You did not give the ages of the children. Probably none of these hotels have connecting rooms.
If the children are young, then the parents will have to split up and each share a room/bed with a child.
If the children are over 18, they probably don't want to share a double bed.
A hotel with a family room or an apartment may work better.

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I’d pick Hotel de Lutèce. I’ve stayed there and highly recommend it.
Bonus is you’ll be in the best neighborhood of all imo.

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Thanks for info. so far. Air conditioning in all and our kids are old enough to stay on their own - or we will go one adult/one teen - we usually see how well they are getting along. Haha!
We are pretty seasoned travelers, and I'm really looking for location advice...many thanks!!

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I don't know any of these hotels specifically but I don't think you could go wrong with any of these locations. I like to pick new locations when I re-visit a city like Paris.

Paris is very easy to get around. You may want to look at where you plan to spend most of your time and choose a location that is close. This would probably not be the Arc de Triumpe choice, although I stayed close to here and enjoyed the neighborhood bakeries and restaurants.

I really don't think you will go wrong. Good luck! I would just pick one and move on to another decision.

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Are these all cancellable ? They all look good so I agree with the advice to pick one and move on. Then, if you have severe second thoughts, you can revisit the decision. For us, the hotel just has to be "adequate" because ... it's Paris!!

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The Hotel Ile-Saint-Louis-en-Isle has air-conditioning. You might have to book two rooms, though.
I'd forget the Vendome and the Arc de Triomphe.

How old are your children?

You can get breakfast in any cafe - don't be fooled by an add-on buffet breakfast, which is built into the room price.

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I always opt for a room without breakfast built in whenever possible, because (as is evident when it's a separate option) hotel breakfasts typically cost at least twice as much as the same food at a café or bakery. I admit, however, that I am not a coffee drinker, so I'm not looking for that caffeine hit first thing in the morning. I also am not an early riser, and there's nothing like sleeping through a breakfast you've already paid for. Not a good start to my day.

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Just a note to say that many so-called double beds in France are actually two twins that can be separated. You might ask about that. I personally would avoid the Arc de Triomphe area, as it is overrun with tourists and gob-smacking traffic.

Bonne chance! Faith McLellan

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@sarahall, thanks for reminding me to get my hotel decisions made -- just booked four locations in the last four hours (all of them with free cancellation, so I can still obsess over details but at least we have someplace to stay for each night of the trip.)

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I agree with TC.
Hotel Des Deux Iles on the Iles de St. Louis is a great choice in a perfect location.
You will need to get 2 rooms. I paid $135 a night in November for a single.
No subway on Iles but Pont-Marie (line 7) is a 4 minute walk just over the bridge,( I arrived this way with a carry on bag and it was no problem).
This hotel is also a non-smoking property which is a huge plus for me.

You mentioned family of four so I'm assuming you have kids. The area near this hotel has several crepe restaurants, cafes for breakfast and the best ice cream in Paris. I would also recommend the Jewish Quarter of the Marais for falafels and try to find the polpetti shop.

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Another vote for the Isle-De-France. Great location, although we prefer being close to the Jardin du Luxembourg and very much like the Hotel Bonaparte in the Sixth Arrondissement. We walked almost everywhere though it's not as central as the Isle-De-France.