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1st time girls trip to Paris, France

We are planning a girls trip to Paris, late August, first part of September. Any recommendations for Hotel/Lodging in a location (neighborhood)that would be easy access by walking or catching public transportation. Looking for budget friendly place to stay. It doesn't have to fancy or frilly, small and quaint would be great! Thanks for any

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Check out Hotel Sublim Eiffel. I described it in your other thread.

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I'd suggest checking the RS France or Paris guidebooks, as they have listings for good reliable hotels in different parts of Paris. That way you can find something that fits your price criteria, comfort level and section of Paris. I'd suggest packing along at least the Pocket Paris guidebook as there's a LOT of good information there that will help your trip to go smoothly, such as getting about via Metro, which days certain Museums are closed, restaurant suggestions, etc.

In any case, it would be a good idea to get a hotel booked soon! I usually travel in September and it can sometimes be challenging to find a vacancy.

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How many people/how many rooms? That is, are you willing to share a room if there are twin beds, for example?

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What is the budget? How many are in your group? Are you planning to share the room? For example Hotel Caron de Beaumarchais is beyond small and quaint (too much so for some) but it's largest room is for two. Rooms are well under 200€ per night in August. Location is super for walking access to many major sights and Metro Line 1 is a 5-minute walk away.

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How many? You will need to book soon as it is filling up and a very popular time.

I would recommend for your first trip to stay within walking distance of main sights...for me this means near Rue du Rivoli which will mean near Notre Dame, the Louvre and near the Marais....or in the 5th which is accross the Siene in the student quarter but within walking distance or Notre Dame, city hall, Louvre etc..anywhere from the 1st - 5th would be very central.

If you stay somwhere that entails taking the metro EVERY time you want to leave the hotel to go sight seeing this will not make sense. There are deals on that look good for quad rooms if that is what you are looking for...

I do not recommend staying near the Eiffel Tour as many first timers do...this was built at what was and still is the edge of will have to take transport everywhere.

Happy travels

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GoogleMaps can help your orientation. Search for a landmark in Paris, then use the menu on the left hand side of the map to click on 'Nearby', then click on 'Hotels'. Usually the hotel Internet link shows up. Some of the big hotel booking agencies, such as and, also provide maps.
Look for hotels that are near a Metro subway stop, for public transportation. The 'Directions" function on GoogleMaps will help you plan your routes, whether walking or by mass transit, around the city. is the official site of the transit system and includes an interactive planner (Getting Around) to guide your sightseeing itineraries.
It's smart to start practicing on these tools now so you will be more comfortable once you arrive. Smart phones, tablets, and other electronic gizmos have become essential travel companions so your group can work out who will bring them. Free WiFi in hotels is a must-have for me now.

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When I'm checking out places. I always map it to see how convenient it is to the nearest metro. Then I go on the Paris Metro sight and run some trips to various sights. Some metro lines get where you want to go much more conveniently than others.

I think you can't go wrong with the Marais. I stayed at the MIJE hostel three out of my four Paris visits and loved the location. I think it's a nice hostel too. If you wanted to save on your budget, you may be able to get one room to yourselves and have a measure of privacy. It's booked up much of the time, however, so you should look into it soon. If a hostel seems too low budget for you, look in that area. Walking to Notre Dame and various sights on the Seine is really easy. If you need to hop on the metro, it's right around the corner.

Immediately across the Seine or on Ile St. Louis (if you have a big budget) would also work well.

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You might want to consider an apartment, if you are budget conscious. That way you get more room, and a better kitchen, so you can have some meals at the apartment. We use VRBO, but there are plenty of other sites that list apartments for rent. As to where to locate, that depends on what you want to see, and whether you mind being in a very touristy area. I personally prefer to stay away from the touristy areas. And remember that the public transportation system in Paris is quite good. You can get a weekly Metro pass for not too much, and it also is good on the buses. If you do not mind doing a bit of studying before you go, buses are a good option,and you can of course see more of Paris as you travel as compared to the Metro. Peter