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Louvre Tickets

Hi all, I was planning on buying Louvre tickets online for me (16), my aunt, uncle, and cousin (18) just so that we can skip the lines. But as I was on the Louvre website, I saw that people 18 and under get free admission. I was just wondering, would my cousin and I have to wait in the long lines to get a ticket or is there a separate line specifically for people 18 and under? But if I buy my aunt and uncle tickets online, can we move to the front of the queue with them and just show ID? My main concern is just waiting in line and being separated from my aunt/uncle if we decide to get the free tickets. Thanks all!

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The longest lines in the Louvre nowadays aren't to get tickets but for the security bag scans, and it doesn't matter what kind of ticket you have for them.

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Those long lines are security lines; just use any of the entrances other than the Pyramid entrance. The tickets are not viewed at security but at the entrances to the wings themselves.

The free entry is NOT 18 and under; it is 17 and under i.e. UNDER 18. The kids just go in with the ticket or pass holder. Be sure anyone close to 18 has ID in case they are asked to prove that they are 17 or under; a 16 year old is likely to be asked while a 10 year old would not be.

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I disagree with Philip; although there was a line for ticket holders (we had Paris Museum Pass) it was much shorter and moved extremely more quickly than the line for people without tickets. Security didn't take much time at all. Do yourself a favour and buy the tickets in advance. Our 14 year old son came in with us and nobody asked for proof of age, but I did have a photocopy of his passport with me just in case they did ask, so just bring ID if you are 17 and under and go in with the adults.