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What to do in Paris ?

Will be there for 3 days so I'm short on things to see so i know i will miss some sites. Doing a 4 hour walking tour. I really want to go inside the eiffel tower, louvre and Notre Dame is there a way i can see all 3 in one tour ? I'm taking a wild guess but i probably have to do each separate ?

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If you plan your visit to be there on Wednesday and/or Friday, the Louvre Museum is open until 9;45 PM. Visiting the museum during the evening saves your daylight hours for outdoor stuff like seeing the view from the Eiffel Tower. A evening Seine boat ride is also a saver of daylight hours.

Notre Dame to/from Eiffel by bus or Metro is easy. Walking tour ending at the Museum for the evening hours would easily let you see all three in a day.

Note Effel Tower to the Arc de Triomphe is a half hour walk/3.5 km and then to the
Louvre is a hour walk/4 km. Of course why speed walk when you're in Paris. Stop and have a coffee and one of those butter croissants.

PS. Stay safe.

PPS. Stay flexible. Check near term weather forecast. Do their inside things on inclement weather days (or bring a good raincoat and waterproofed walking shoes.

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You can easily do all three in one day.

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The hop-on hop-off bus tours make it easy to get these all in in just one day. Good tip on hitting a museum on a day when it has late hours. Note re. The Louvre - it can be done in two hours or in two days - just depends upon what your particular interests are. since there is soooo much to choose from.

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She wants to do all three sites on one tour. No such tour. You could drive by all three but not go inside each, on a tour. You could plan a day around all three sites however.