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Telecom companies in Paris for unlocked quad band phone--sim purchase?

I need a 1 or 2 telecom companies with easy access for sim purchase for my BLU unlocked phone at the airport or near the center of the city. Also will be traveling throughout France for a week so need something for just staying in touch within the country.

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I use Lebara because they are cheap and you can switch the voice mail and text messages from French to English. Even their website has an English version. The SIM cards are actually free, but you should buy some time then you get the card (10 euros should be plenty for a week). There are RELAY convenience stores at both CDG and Orly--you should be able to pick one up there.

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I'll echo what T just said ,I have used LEBARA cards from my first trip . Among the countries where they are available are the UK . France and Germany . In France they are ubiquitous at tabacs and news kiosks .virtually on every street corner , Calls are dirt cheap , and setup is a snap . The french card comes with English instructions and it takes only a few moments to get it up and running . There are also configurations that support data use , go to the website for details