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It has been a year since I have asked the Forum for help. You have given me 12 years of answers to all my many travel questions.
Will be flying to Paris the beginning of September for 8 days with my adult daughter. First time we will travel together and so want this to be a wonderful trip for the both of us. Will leave on the 9th day for Krakow, Poland and stay there for 5 days. I was in Krakow 2 years ago and loved the city. We are Polish and my daughter expressed the desire to see "Her Mother Country!" Both my grandmothers and grandfathers came from Poland.
1st question. I know nothing about Ryan Air or Easy Jet . They are much less expensive than the major airlines. Please tell me your thoughts. I have heard some negative info about them. Is it hard to get to their terminals? Can we take a train to get to their terminals?
2nd question:

Having 8 full days in Paris (not counting the travel day) We will see the major sites but what else should we not miss.
Our flight from the States and back has been booked but I am waiting for your help regarding these two small airlines
I know the forum gets this question all the time and I have also asked the same question year after year but here goes!
Recommendations of apartments to rent in Paris.
I am not at all fond of Hotels and for many years have booked B&B's or single room apartments around Europe.
Also my daughter will be flying from CDG Airport ..suggestions for a place to stay near the airport that is not outrageous?
One last question ....I will see my daughter off at the airport and will then be traveling to Nice, France.
I have a terrible time looking up train reservations to get from Paris to Nice. Any ideas of the cost and time going by train between these two cities.
A small airline is another possibility.
Thank You in advance for any help you can offer me.

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easyJet and Ryanair are leading carriers in Europe by number of passengers. They fly relatively short routes. They fly only narrow-bodied planes. One way of keeping prices down is that they limit the amount of time the plane sits on the ground. That means quick loading of passengers, originally with no seat assignment or reservations, although both now allow some advance choice. Each flight is purchased individually; no round trips, and no connections to other airlines or even their own flights. There are charges for baggage that should be reviewed on the website in advance and paid in advance. There are other charges for “extras” such as food in-flight. Checking in via the web in advance is important too. And when easyJet says one carry-on bag it means ONE, not one plus your purse and a computer.
You get the drift. You pay for what you get, and get what you pay for. The negative comments are partly about the herd mentality, partly about the detailed list of charges. Yet cabin crew are also strict about safety measures, timetables are fairly trustworthy, and the total costs can be very low if you buy your tickets well in advance. The success of this class of carrier has helped European unity. Someone in the UK, for instance, will barely think twice about buying a holiday villa in Bulgaria because it is so easy to get there. Well, until the route is cancelled, anyhow.
The particular knock on Ryanair, aside from a notoriously loudmouth boss, was that it used some cheap and inconvenient alternative airports. Its Paris home, for instance, is the Beauvais airport, a long drive from the city itself. The boss has launched a charm campaign that includes being more straightforward about such things and loosening some rules.
Best advice is to take nothing for granted, read the websites in full, compare the traditional airlines that have been forced to compete on prices for some routes, and enjoy all the cash you save.
As to Paris-Nice by train, you can go by TGV fast train right from the airport or from Gare de Lyon in the city. will explain it all for you.

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We have flown Easyjet and Vueling several times; we have always been pleased with their prices and service and their luggage policies are strict but reasonable and fair. Ryanair tends to use out of the way airports like Beauvais outside of Paris which is poorly connected to the city. They also have more restrictive luggage rules and their reputation in general has put us off, so we haven't tried them.

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ive only flown EJ and will do so again this sept. they have been good, but read the fine print especially with luggage and restrictions.

i havent flown with them out/in CDG so im not sure.

as far as attractions in Paris, im not sure what you are going to see, so i cant comment.

i did the hotel thing in Paris and i was happy with the location and price.

happy trails.

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We've rented apartments through with good results. There are other good websites too. Look for a place near a Metro station, preferably one where two or more lines intersect, and you'll have great mobility for sightseeing.

As for sights you "should not miss," that depends on your own interests. Eight days is enough to see a lot, including a day trip to some place like Versailles or Chartres or St-Denis. Save time for just strolling around this beautiful city, sitting in cafes and parks. Consider the [Museum Plass][2] to save money and time (bypassing ticket lines) if you're high-energy travelers.

Have a wonderful trip! We loved Krakow as well as Paris but never flew between them.