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Paris Tours

I have been looking into tours to take when I am in Paris. I think I have narrowed it down to two: (1) Paris Charms & Secrets and (2) Another Paris . Has anyone taken either of these particular tours? The first tours Paris by Electric Bicycle and seems to cover a lot of area. The second tours Montparnasse & South by Little Blue Train. Any recommendations on other tours? Thanks so much!

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Trish-I am not sure what type of tours you are looking for but I am planning a trip to Paris for the first week of July and found Paris Walks. Looks like the company has great walking tours. Great reviews. Here's the website, which also has lots of interesting information on it (hotels, vegetarian restaurants, private tours, etc.)
Hope this helps!

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Trish.. As previous poster recommended Paris Walks is well many folks on various forums.. so I would look into them.

I loved the Fat Tire Bike tours I have taken.. and I have taken all of them.. over 5 trips!

My favorites were the one to Giverny(Monets Gardens) .. lovely bike along a river ,, buying food in a market.. a picnic.. plently of time in the gardens.. a nice day out of the city.
And the Paris by Night Tour.. ( includes a boat cruise) so fun.

EASY I am middle aged and not super fit.. and had a great time.

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Thanks-Paris Walks looks does Fat Tire Bike Tours. I'll check them out a little better soon. Not sure which direction I want to go because I will be going this winter and I'm not sure about the weather. I have seen several recommendations to take some kind of tour your first day to get your bearings and get an overview of sights to go back to. I plan on layering and bundling up so I can walk around more than using buses and the metro. I want to wander different neighborhoods and stop into any shop/restaurant that I pass.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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How about a Seine river tour for a quick look at many sights -- done from inside the boat in winter? You can buy a Bateau Mouche ticket online for the next day at a discount from posted price.

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Trish - I highly recommend Paris Walks - have done many with them and enjoyed them all. And they have such a variety! I've never heard of the other 2 you mention but hope others will comment on their experiences with them for my next Paris trip.

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I will echo Holly and others in recommending Paris Walks. The simplicity is great, just show with about 12 euro or so, and off you go. We had a really good tour of Montmartre with Peter, and also a tour of Le Marais with Brad. Some of our best times in Paris. One does not need to spend a lot on a tour to get a lot out of it.

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I'll check out Bauteau Mouche, too. Sounds nice. Thanks!