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tickets to eiffel tower

my friend and I have planned a somewhat last minute trip to paris. according to the Eiffel tower website for ticket purchasing, there are no available tickets to the Eiffel tower during our travel week. does anyone have any other suggestions or is that the only place to get tickets to the Eiffel tower.
we want to attend a cabaret, any suggestions.
thank you

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Hi Joan,
you don't have to buy advance tickets, just go there, get on the line and buy a ticket at the booth. You might have to wait a bit, but in my opinion it beats having an advance ticket for a foggy day when there is no view from the tower...

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That wait of "a bit" may be several hours, depending on when you go, just saying. I've been to the Paradis Latin cabaret and it was wonderful, expensive but the food was excellent, included wine/champagne and the show was really fun (not sleazy).

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The way I take people up is to go at night a couple of hours prior to closing. The view is more impressive and the wait's only been twenty minutes or so, max.

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Since trip is "last minute" I am assuming in next month or so.. so I wouldn 't worry about waiting for hours. First off waits even in summer usually only stretch to 1.5 hours or so.. BUT summer before last they had a broken elevator that made the waits 3 hours long.. that was freakish but unusual.

The other thing is you can avoid a long wait be going 1/2 hour before it opens.. or by simply getting in the MUCH shorter line for the stairs.. The stairs are actually a fun and novel way to go up the second level.. cheaper too. And years ago I went and the line for the Tower was over an hour long.. ( they had a rope marking the point saying "wait from here is one hour" ) and my son and I went to stair line and waited less then 20 minutes.

I would also consider an evening on a nice dinner cruise .. look at the Calife Cruise.. well reviewed.. I am trying it this summer after friend and poster on another site whos opinion I respect did it and gave it the thumbs up.Unlike most other dinner cruises the food is prepared onboard and not just shipped on cooked to be reheated like many of the larger dinner cruise companies.

I went to the Moulin Rouge years ago.. and frankly that was a few hours of my life I will never get back.. and its not an activity that any local I know has ever bothered to do.. and I have family and friends who are Parisiens.. its a tourist trap .. no matter what the history was.. its not that anymore. Its a cattle call. Blah food, hugely over priced, and you will sit elbow to elbow at row banquet tables.. with literally bus loads of other tourists.. and I do mean busloads.

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I am heading to Paris in two weeks (bought my tickets yesterday so super last minute) and I also have a question about the Eiffel Tower. I plan to walk up to the second level (a workout on the cheap!), but I also would like to go to the top of the tower. Looking at the website I see only three ticket options 1. lift to second floor 2. lift all the way to the top and 3. stairs to second floor.

What type of ticket should I purchase if I want to walk to second floor and then take the lift to the top? Is that even possible (surely it is!)?

Thank you so much!


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@Hannah, yes it's possible. After you buy your ticket for the stairs and walk up to the 2nd level, you can purchase a separate ticket to the top and get the elevator from there. I'm sure there's a logical reason they don't sell that combo online.