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paris in July

going to Paris in July and wondering what temps will be? what clothes to pack?

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I suggest you monitor a weather website up until the time you leave, to see the current forecast, but it is likely to be warm. Bring lightweight slacks, capris, or skirts and tops. Please leave the shorts at home (both men and women) unless you are a teenager or younger.

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Last July it was quite warm but not uncomfortable if you dress for heat. Hope your hotel has air-conditioning.

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Hi Gerrie,
According to, the minimum temperature in July is 59 degrees F, and the maximum temperature is 75.2 F, with an average of 66.2. We usually go to Paris in March or April, and is usually pretty accurate for those months, so looks like good weather in July. Check this page out...not sure if the link will work, so you might just need to copy and paste it. Check this page out...not sure link will work, but you can copy and paste it.



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Gerry I can assure you of one thing.. its impossible to predict weather this far ahead.

I tend to go to Paris in July or August..

Been many times in summer.

About 5 years ago I took a friend who had never been to Europe. I told her to pack sundresses, capris, and other lightweight clothes as it would most likely be very warm.

We were cold and wet 7 out of 9 days there. We actually had to go shopping for more long sleeved clothes.

Is that the usual. No, but its what we got.

It USUALLY will be warm , possibly hot.. so yes, get a/c hotel room . I even rent apartments with a/c , but do pack a lighweight jacket( rain /wind) , a sweater or lightweight fleece and some long pants.

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Thank you all for the suggestions...Sandy, the website is helpful.
and Pat thanks for the reminder that being prepared for the unexpected is a good idea! =)

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Agree that it's totally unpredictable but my experience in the last 6 visits, all including July, the temps have been anywhere from 80 to 100 degrees most of the time we've been there (a month or more).

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Any warm temperatures in the city are magnified due to the concrete, asphalt, and stone walls. A temperature that seems warm elsewhere can be hot in Paris in the summer. On the other hand, you may hit a cool summer where you'll need a sweater in the evening.

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Having spent the majority of two summers in Paris I would say that you need to be prepared for anything. Certainly more warm days than cool but we have had everything from pouring rain to springlike weather to HOT. If you check the weather a few days before you leave you'll have a fairly good idea of what to expect!