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10 Days in Provence including Bastille Day

My husband and I are spending 10 full days in Provence in July. We arrive in Nice on July 12. The general plan is

-- a couple of days in Nice with a day trip to Monaco (no car).

-- a couple of nights in Arles (hopefully no car)

-- a couple of nights in Cote Du Rhone (with a car)

-- a couple of nights in Luberon (with a car)

-- two free days for suggestions :-)

Does this sound reasonable? We also appreciate any suggestions about what to do on July 14. Since we don't plan to rent a car until we get to Cote Du Rhon or Luberon area, will public transportation be particularly limited on Basille Day? Where would be a good place to spend this holiday?

Thank you for your suggestions.

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This sounds like a wonderful trip. I think you'll have a better time, however, if you don't move about quite so much.

In particular, consider seeing all of the Rhone Valley are from a single base. You might even look into renting an apartment, though at this point they might be hard to find for the dates you want this year.

An advantage to shifting your bed, on the other hand, is is that you get to experience evenings and early mornings in different locations, for example in a Luberon hill town. You could make a similar argument for Arles, or you could just find a smaller town nearby and base there with a car.

In my opinion, you'd do better to combine Arles with the rest of the Rhone area. Packing & unpacking is a bore.

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Thanks Adam, that's very helpful! Does any one have ideas about things to do or to avoid on July 14?

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Avignon is fantastic on Bastille Day!

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Thanks for the suggestion. We are really excited about this trip!

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It sounds very doable and driving distances are not far. As you now get started to reserve rooms, perhaps some plans may shift to match availability.