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10 days in France - Paris + where?

Hello, all.

My wife and I will be going to Paris over the US Thanksgiving holiday. We have 10 days there, and figured that we'd like to split it up and go to another place. We've both been to Paris numerous times, and have been to other parts of France as well. We're considering one of three options:
1) Amboise. We've both been there a couple of times, and love it, as well as the surrounding area.
2) Honfleur. I've never been there, but my wife has, and really liked it.
3) Brittany. Not sure where, but leaning towards Dinan. Neither of us has really been there before.

I'm up for suggestions as to what people's choices are, and why. We'll most likely rent a car once we get there from Paris. The places need to be relatively close to Paris, as well, as we don't want to travel too much, so the south of France is out (unfortunately). We basically just want to wander around, drink good wine, eat good food and relax :)

Thanks ahead of time,

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Alsace!!! The Christmas markets. Take the TGV to Strasburg, then rent a car. Base in one of the villages near Colmar. You'll have time for sightseeing as well as enjoying the beautiful decorations and special events.

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Brittany is usually dismal at that time of year, and I wouldn't recommend going unless there is something particular that interests you.
Strasbourg and Colmar gets my vote - easy to get to and the food in this region is terrific, as well as the Christmas market in Strasbourg.

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Yep - I figured that Brittany would have lousy weather at that time of year.

We really hadn't thought about Alsace, having been there before and thinking of it as lower on our list of places to return to than, say, Amboise/Loire area.

We may just bite the bullet and travel more than we want to, and split the trip between Lyon and Paris. Lots more to do in cities than small towns at that time of year.

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Of your three initial options, I'd go with Amboise because of wetter colder weather in Normandy and Brittany that time of year. Honfleur itself is a nice day or part day, and could be a good base for further exploring Normandy if that's on your to-do list.

Your choice is between the known/liked and the unknown. Ordinarily I'd go for the unknown but maybe not out in Brittany in November. You'll probably enjoy it more in the warmer months.

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I wouldn't rule out Provence or Languedoc - you can get to Avignon in less than 3 hours, or to Narbonne (lovely town in Languedoc) in around 3, too. You could do 6 days in Paris, or a 5/5 split. Paris weather has been amazingly good during my 2 November visits -- whichever spot you choose, you'll have a great time!

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I hadn't thought about Provence. I figured that it was too far from Paris, but it looks like it's not too much time on the TGV. I guess it's another option to think about.

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And once you consider Avignon, Nice is only a little further on the TGV ...