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10 Day France Itinerary

Hello Y'all,
I am trying to plan a low budget trip for my husband and I. Please let me know if this itinerary works and what sites to visit and changes I could make to this itinerary. Thank you so so much!!!

May 20, 21, 22, 23 Nice, France
May 20-Land in Nice

21-Day Tour to Monaco and Monte Carlo
22-See Nice

May 23 Morning Train Nice to Cannes

May 23- See Cannes
May 24- See Cannes

May 24 Afternoon Train from Cannes to Lyon

May 25-Lyon

May 26- Day trip to Annecy

May 27 Morning Train Lyon to Paris

May 27, 28, 29, 30 Paris, France
27 Paris pass-check out Paris
28 Paris pass-check out Paris
29 Day tour from Paris to Mont St. Michel
30 Day trip from Paris to Versailles
31-Head Home

Would you recommend Cannes or should I visit Marseille instead?

Warm Wishes,

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Marseille for my money has it way over Cannes. Guide books and internet searches on the basis of your interests will give you specific sites.

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Shenila: I think that a day trip from Paris to Mont Saint Michel and back will be too exhausting, and you will regret having planned it. Try doing something a lot closer to Paris (or in Paris) on that day. Remember, you can always come back to France another time to see things you did not do on this trip. Peter Dodd

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In my view, your day trips are not good. Too much back and forth, not enough sightseeing.

If Annecy is a must, spend the night there and save Lyon for another trip. Or enjoy Lyon and save Annecy.

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Agreed that trying to do Mont St Michel as a day trip from Paris would not be enjoyable. If you are really keen to see MSM, rethink the northern leg of your itinerary and stay overnight at the Mount. (Opinions vary as to whether you're best advised to sleep on the mount itself or on the mainland.) If it's more important for you to have adequate time in Paris, then save MSM for another time.