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Which Paris Holiday Inn location for first timers?

My wife and I will be in France for hopefully around 3 weeks with the first week in Paris. I will be using IHG points while in Paris. I believe I've narrowed it down to three choices. 1) Holiday Inn-Notre Dame on Rue Danton, 2) Holiday Inn-St Germain des Pres on Rue De Vaugirard, and 3) Holiday Inn-Paris Opera on Boulevard Poissonnière. Any thoughts, opinion, etc will be greatly appreciated. We will be in France towards the end of September and beginning of October.

Our plans, as of now are to include a week in Loire (probably around 3/4 days in/around Amboise/Vouvray and 3/4 days around Saumur. We're not sure about the remaining time as of yet. May do London or even a 2/3 day trip to Venice.

Thank you for your replies.

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For location alone, i’d choose Holiday Inn Notre Dame. It is the closest one to Notre Dame, which is the center of Paris. It’s in my favorite area of Paris, easy walking to both islands and many places you’ll want to see / go to.

Holiday Inn Opéra would be my last choice. I don’t like the area, it’s not charming like the first two locations.

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The HI Notre Dame is a great location: I stayed there one night using a free night cert a couple years ago. It is very hard to find available nights there though. I had an issue where it would appear to be available in the search, but when I clicked through to book it was not.

My room was very modern, but a little small. The hotel has a cool rooftop deck.

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The St.Germain location is very good as well, easier, and maybe lower points to use. There is a Metro stop nearby, the hotel up to date, and a good full breakfast buffet.

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I’d choose Notre Dame or St Germain location- I would not choose the Opera area , nothing wrong with it - it’s just not my style -

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Just checking my app, the Notre Dame location seldom allows use of points, the St. Germaine location runs about 35,000 pts/ night.

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I have stayed at the St-Germain-des-Prés location twice and it's a very nice hotel, up-to-date, good climate system, good breakfast spread, large rooms for Paris.

Location-wise, I'm generally in agreement with the others in that for a first-time visitor, I'd rank these (1) Notre-Dame, (2) St-German-des-Prés, (3) Opéra. (Though in general I prefer the 10th/11th arrondissements on the Right Bank to any of these locations, a first-time visitor should aim to stay fairly centrally.)

My only other note is that if you choose the Notre-Dame location, avoid the nearby rue de la Huchette, which in my opinion is a tacky street lined with tourist traps. No safety issues at all whatsoever, just a bunch of overpriced establishments.

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I stayed at the St Germain des Pres location for a couple of nights in 2018 with brother's hotel points. It worked fine for my needs. If Metro connections don't look great to a day's particular sightseeing destination, then bus options may be more direct.

You probably won't need a taxi to the airport, but if so, then be aware that they book a different car service and charge you about 10 euros over the city's flat fee for taxis to airports, so you might be better off to call your own, or to agree the price before they call. (FYI, we took the RER in from CDG to Luxembourg and walked across the park; enough paths are paved, not all gravel. We later requested a taxi to Orly airport, partly based on expecting to pay a lower rate.)

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I stayed at the HI Notre Dame.

It has a rooftop bar/terrace with great views of Paris.

I also remember a glass wall between the bedroom and the bathtub. Very strange.

Good location, very touristy.