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When visiting Paris why not try a flat in the Marais and feel like a temporary local

On VBRO we found a lovely 1 bedroom flat in the Marais - a quiet street with convenient shopping, cafes, etc., and a quick walk to the Metro. And, the price was half the price of many RS suggested hotels. What a pleasure to enjoy a living room and small breakfast nook plus a full (but compact) kitchen with a washer. The VBRO property's ID is 6326125ha .
Bon voyage.

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As long as you don't get caught up in one of the periodic Parisian crackdowns on VRBO's. And just what is the difference between a traveler and a tourist, other than the first sounds cool and the later sounds uncool?
"I'm a traveler, not a tourist, and by the way, where can I get a Museum Pass and buy a carnet?"

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Craig, thanks for your review.

I too am concerned about the statement "feel like a traveler not a tourist".

Can you explain what you meant, and why a traveler is superior to a tourist?

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My wife and I had an Airbnb flat in the Marais for a week in May. Two bakeries and a Thai restaurant across the street, two markets very close by, cafes on several corners, 12 minutes' walk to Notre Dame, $72/night. It was wonderful! Only negative was that the flat was a 5th-floor walk-up (99 steps); that was tiring after a day of sightseeing, but we would do it again in a minute.

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Mea culpa - forgive my sloppy metaphor, my copy editor was on holiday. I should have use the phrase from RS Guide to Paris "experience Paris as a temporary local". I was simply trying to craft a catchy title to my post; the sole purpose wass to encourage other ETBD travelers to try a short-term rental vs. a hotel for a more intimate experience of Paris.

--> Joel. this property has an elevator. Living large.
--> Sam. don't you just love those frites and carnet?

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Okay now, no more piling on ... I've already pleaded for forgiveness . After all, my posting was intended to review a wonderful small flat, located in the Marais, with easy access to major attractions and transportation, all for a terrific price.
I've heeded everyone's advise (and admonishments) and edited the title to my review.
So let's put those flame throwers back into the armory .

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We generally prefer apartments rather than hotels for the reasons you describe. Last October we rented a very nice little apartment in Paris. Sometime after that visit I received an email from the owner informing me that the apartment is no longer available to rent. I suspect it and the other apartments they own fell victim to the crackdown being done on vacation rentals there.

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It is tiring to contend with snarky comments on this site. Craig, I for one "forgive" you for your semantic distinction of tourist vs. traveler. My therapist assures me I can be either or both simultaneously.

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great review! This is the reason I'm considering an apartment rather than a hotel - slightly cheaper with a little more space and a washer!

And I'm sorry you got some comments that were less than supportive. Its like the time I accidently used "customs" instead of "immigration" in a post and received a private message informing me I was wrong. :)

Happy Travels!

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akhoosier.. sorry , your situation is not the same because customs and immigration are two totally different things so making ti clear is important ... because one reply to an issue about immigration is not going to apply to an issue about customs.

Craig.. glad you enjoyed your stay.. I have stayed in both hotels and apartments and I definitely see the pros and cons to both arrangements.. I do not feel any more like a local in either however.. thank goodness.. work, commuting, picking up kids and drycleaning are what I am on vacation to get away from! lol

Apartments are not good for everyone.. and hotels rooms can be too small for some people( does depend on budget).. one thing is .. for summer visitors.. AC is hard to find in apartments( but not impossible , since I have !) but easier to find in hotels. and to me absolutely crucial.

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I agree, Craig. I really feel like I'm "living" in Paris rather than just visiting when I rent an apartment. I've done so multiple times, in addition to staying in hotels a few times too. Each has its benefits but I MUCH prefer apartments, which give you more room to spread out (not just a bed to sit on), a small kitchen (I like to cook some of my meals with goodies from the wonderful street markets), and often a washer/(dryer). For apartments, I've stayed in several VRBO ones and several Vacation in Paris ones - liked them all. There are also apart/hotels, which are studio and 1 bedroom apartments which combine some of the benefits of both - your own apartment but with a front desk, weekly cleaning/linens, etc. I've stayed in Citadines, which has 13 sites in various arrondissements around Paris at various price points (no, I don't work for them - just was very impressed with their service).

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I'll be returning to Paris myself next May and have booked an apartment through Cobblestone Paris for 8 nights. Looking forward to it, was in a hotel last Oct. The price comes out cheaper for the apartment & more room, can't wait.

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For years on this forum I kept reading high praise for renting an apt instead of staying in a hotel, so finally in 2010 we rented an apt in Paris (Ile St Louis) for a month. We loved the apt and the experience but I agree with Pat, it's not for everyone. I feel much more like I'm on vacation when I stay in a hotel. I'd do it again, to save money (though they aren't always less expensive), but my first choice is a hotel. And, I didn't feel like a temporary local... I still felt very much like a visitor even though I grew up there. But I am glad you had a good experience and enjoyed Paris! For many people an apt is wonderful.

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Oh my, how could I have forgotten to mention that this flat has Air Conditioning. As a vacationer who travels primarily from mid-June through mid-September, A/C is the amenity that is top of my list when selecting accommodations.

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We just stayed two weeks in an apartment in the Latin Quarter. We used Vacations in Paris. They were awesome in helping us find just the right place. We truly felt like Parisians for that time (other than having a very limited French vocabulary). It was fun to get up each morning and head to the local boulangerie, pick up fresh croissants, and eat them in the apartment while planning our day.