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What to do with hotel room?

We two nights booked and paid for at Hotel des Deux-Iles in Paris for May 1 and 2. We did not get the insurance so our payment is not refundable but the hotel said that they would keep our reservation open until the end of 2020. As much as we would like to take advantage of their offer, I am afraid that we will not be able to use it given the restrictions on travel and the cancellation of our tour.
We do not want to see these rooms go to waste so we wanted to know if there is a way to allow someone to use the two nights. Perhaps a health care worker that needs a little pampering? We are looking to pay it forward. Any thoughts?

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I think I would email or call the hotel, and make that offer. You might not be able to transfer the reservation to someone else on your own, but the hotel could certainly manage it.

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I like your idea, it is very generous. I hope the hotel will agree when presented with the offer.

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Wallet had an excellent point - if hotel was actually “ CLOSED “ then they have to give you your money -‘confirm if they are closed hen contact your credit card company

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NO they DO NOT have to give you least not now.

The French are trying to save their tourism industry and have enacted special regulations. They need to give you a voucher- good for 18 months. Refund potentially possible after the 18 months if the voucher has not been used.

OP- thank you for taking a positive approach with this!

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hey hey patandmarke
Are those the dates? We are past them or are these for 2021?

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Hotels were ordered closed except those being used by the government right now. The government is paying the housing. You need to investigate your rights.

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I think OP should ask the hotel is they can assign their rights to two night lodging to some other party.

The norm is to let only the party named on the reservation to check in.

Rather than asking this forum, the question/proposal should be put to the hotel, to let OP 'donate' the rooms to someone else.

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Anyway, we’re long past May 1 and 2 now, and the OP hasn’t returned. I think this question is moot.

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Yes, the original reservation dates have passed. The hotel said we had till the end of the year to use them. I don't think that will happen. I have not found any info indicating that the hotel was or is closed. Thanks for the input.

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Maybe there are some of Rick's French tourguides who could use them. It might be worth a try.