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just read about improperly registered places in France. I have a reservation Id with VRBO and
I guess I don't see a 13 digit number but letters and numbers. Am I being scammed?/

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Call or email the owner and ask them for the 13 digit registration number. As far as I know the 13 digit registration number is only required by units in certain arrondissements in Paris. I'm not aware of rentals outside of Paris needing them. Where are your rentals located?

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15 posts has been communicating with me. The exact address is 13 passage de l'union 75007 Paris,France. Reservation id HA-GN26GY Property ID # is 6 digits long.
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it should be prominent in the ad for the flat. it is difficult to know which property you are looking at because while you shared the address there is more than one property there and you kept the property number vague.

for what i saw there were no registration numbers shown. but i may have looked at the wrong one.

do what Nancy said and ask. that will open up contact too so you can get a feel of their style...