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Victoria Palace Hotel in Paris?

Has anyone stayed at this hotel? Review of the hotel and the location? Any info most appreciated.

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Allison it's easy to find many reviews for hotels , I always do , I look at several different sites .

Both Expedia and have hotel reviews and the person reviewing must have completed a stay at the hotel through the site to submit a review , so more likely to be an authentic review . I also always read at least two to three pages of reviews in , if you read a few pages you get a good feeling for it .

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Just looked it up kn various sites, looks like a good hotel, and the area is nice too . I like the location of the Hotel Aubusson a bit better , but mothi g wrong at all looking with this hotel

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The hotel is lovely and I think you would enjoy your stay there. I think it is more of a four-star hotel rather than five-star.

It has the traditional, old Parisian decor, which I like; but the hotel could use some updating; i.e., some of the plumbing in the bathroom was difficult to use.

When I was there, they did NOT have coffee in the rooms. They were willing to bring hot water to my room. I had to spend time shopping for a hot water pot. I think the hotel wants you to buy their breakfast in their breakfast room, which I do not think gets the greatest reviews.

On a different note, the hotel "locks" the volume on the televisions at about 30%. They do this so that it does not disturb other rooms. On many occasions, I would have loved to increase the volume by 10%, so I could hear it without straining.

From what I observed, the courtyard rooms face the opposite walls of the hotel; i.e., not a great view.

If you get a good price, I would stay at this hotel.