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Trip in June 2020 Paris- Disneyland- Burges?- Amsterdam

Dear friends,
I came across this forum while planning our summer trip. This is our first trip to Europe though we have travelled to the US and many Asian countries.
We are four of us (my husband and myself and 2 daughters - 6,9). We will be traveling from Oman.
We are planning to visit Paris and Amsterdam.
We are flying in to Paris and leaving from Amsterdam.
This is the itinerary so far -
12- Reach CDG at 8 and tour Paris
13 and 14 Paris( day trip to Versailles)
15 and 16 - Paris Disneyland
17-20 - Amsterdam.

Please suggest good hotels / B&Bs in Paris close to city centre.
Also, I’m considering spending 17th night in Bruges and just 2 nights in Amsterdam. Would that be a good idea?

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I like the Novotel group and the prices are reasonable. Any reviews of Novotel Bercy or Novotel Gare de Lyon? Thank you

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Only one day to actually tour Paris? I would drop your day trips especially Versailles with kids so young.

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Thank you for the suggestion. I’ll probably skip Versailles. Would it not be child friendly?

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We might understand your trip better if you tell us what country you live in. For example, whether you will be sleepy at 8AM on June 12?

I don't have children, but I think the city of Paris is more interesting than Versailles would be for children. We did go to Versailles on our first trip to Paris (7 nights in one Paris hotel, no DIsneyland.) I get the feeling that you live in a place with no Theme Parks, and are prioritizing a sight I have never been to and never hope to go to, over the cosmopolitan atmosphere of one of the world's top cities. But that is your decision.

Do you understand that Bruges is not next to Amsterdam? Haarlem, for example, is. But Bruges is in another country, and require one change of train in Brussels, for about a two-hour, unreserved, many times an hour, trip. Amsterdam is more magical for children even than Paris, perhaps. But the adult magic of Bruges is more subtle, and will look boring to children. (That opinion I"m more sure about, even though I don't have children.)

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Thank you for your reply Tim.
We are traveling from Oman and yes Paris is the highlight of the trip but Disneyland is a close second.
I do know Bruges is 2 hr from Brussels but was wondering if we could stay there for a night.
But you are right, it might be too much travel for just a night.

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Thank you Vic. Yes that sounds promising.
We are staying in Hotel Cheyenne in Disney for 2 nights. We got a good deal.

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We just returned from Bruges and stayed at the Hotel Bla Bla. Very nice....highly recommend & won't break the bank. Be sure to get your Anne Frank tickets online MONTHS ahead, if that's in your plan.

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I have been to Versailles many times ( over many years ) and I have taken children there , my youngest was only 11 and it was not nice for her in the palace - so crowded and she couldn’t see anything but the backs of adults standing in front of her / the gardens are lovely but I would say the place it self is very UNfriendly for young children ( under 12 ) . Skip it this trip .

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When in Amsterdam, be sure to check out the great kids' science museum, NEMO. We loved it - and we don't even have kids! There's also the National Maritime Museum which includes a replica of an 18th century ship that you can board and explore. It looks just like a pirate ship!

While we loved Bruges, I think with the kids you'll find much more to their liking in Amsterdam.

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My friends visited Disneyland this January. They told me that it was much cheaper to buy tickets online in advance.