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TGV to Paris from Stuttgart, best place for a 1 night stay?

I will be taking a TGV from Stuttgart to Paris and will be there for 1 night (we arrive at 2pm and leave at 10:30am the day later).
What would be the best place to stay near the Paris EST Train station so that I can cover the major tourist attractions and still save money? Is there a hop-on hop-off bus which picks up closer to a certain hotel so we can cover the tourist attractions?

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I like the Hotel Soft in rue des Vinaigriers, which is in easy walking distance from Est.

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Are you going back to Stuttgart the next day? In other words, leaving from the same station in Paris that you arrived at?

The reason I ask is that I would want to be closer to my departure station than my arrival station, especially as you morning train is just after breakfast.

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You can't "cover" the major tourist attractions in an afternoon (or a day, or a week) unless you count looking at them through a bus window. Your few hours might be better spent at one major place. See it thoroughly, followed by a nice meal and early-to-bed. Once you have made the choice of where to spend the time, Google Maps will show you hotels in the vicinity. Or you can choose a hotel that's handy to your place of departure.