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tgv from cdg airport

Has anyone taken the N1 bus from terminal 2A to the TGV stop at CDG?
How difficult is it to board the train?

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Should be a piece of cake. The train station is down one level by escalator to the mezzanine ticketing, then down another escalator to the track level.

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Yes, very simple. And the trains are very punctual - don't be late.

Note - if going into the city, take the RER B.

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If you have purchased a TGV ticket in advance, you simply board the train and find your reserved seat. A conductor will eventually scan the code on your printed ticket or smart device. In my experience, space to store luggage is somewhat limited so it helps to step lively onto the train car.

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No need to take a bus - the train terminal is down one level in Terminal 2. It's a little walking and they only post the train info 20 minutes before the departure time. But it is really easiest if you buy your TGV ticket online in advance. It is easy to do.

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Do a google search on TGV at Charles De Gaulle. There is a full page of information on the airport website, with precise instructions on how to get to the ticketing and platforms level. It's really very easy and you will love the TGV trains.

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Terminal 2 is actually 8 different buildings, some connected, some not. You could walk through the contested terminals A and C to get there or hop the bus.