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Strasbourg Restaurants?

Please advise good restaurants.



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That's a pretty ambiguous question (and quite a lazy one in my opinion but I'll take the time to assist you)

$$$, $$, $ means absolutely nothing. It means all sorts to all people. Is $$$ $50 per person or $200 per person? You also need to ask the question in € as that is the currency used in France (it's Alt 0128 by the way).

Secondly, what constitutes a good restauarant is so subjective that a random selection of replies, unless the same restaurant repeatedly pops up in the responses, is pretty much useless. What someone considers a good restaurant others would disagree.

Unfortunately I can't recall the name of the restaurant we had lunch at when visiting Strasbourg, it was a traditional Alsatian restaurant which we happened to stumble upon, the menu outside looked good, it was well populated so I trusted my gut instinct. Prices were average, €12 for a main and it was well cooked, enjoyable food except for my youngest who resolutely refused to order anything of the menu. In one of my rarer moments I capitulated to McDonalds (€).