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Shopping or picnics

Hi I am staying in the 5th Gare do Nord area and would like to take advantage of eating well but on a budget. I am hoping for some suggestions on where to shop or street delis' that offer a good meal for a budget price
Thanks Carol

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Well, we don't list anything around the Gare du Nord, but that's not to say there isn't anything. Two suggestions: ask your hotel about grocery stores nearby, or simply walk down the street near your hotel. Part of the fun of eating on a budget is discovering the little shops and delis nearby and deciding which ones you like most. Finally, you could do a google search for markets and delis in and around your area online and you should find several options. I hope this helps some.

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Eric Kayser has pastry & croissants for 1,70 euros; basic sandwiches & salads to eat there or to go.
Their breads are good. There is one off Place Vendome in the 5th, I think address is 14 rue Monge, Metro station is Maubert Mutualite. They are open for breakfast & lunch.

Le Bougnat, small bistro (French cuisine), 28 rue de Saintonge near Nortre Dame; meal average price range $16-$24.

Best tip is to order the plat du jour, a glass of house wine, and "une carafe d'eau, which is a free pitcher of water. Bread is free. Tip is included on the bill, "service compris).
Salads, quiches, crepes, and plain omelets are the basic fare on a lunch menu.

I don't know your budget range but as you walk around, read the menus. They are posted.
Make a note of name & address for later.
Other suggetsions are buy a bottle of wine from the local shop. Enjoy a glass in your room before dinner. Buy a pastry from a shop and take it to go & eat oustide or back at the hotel.

Go to Galleries Lafayette department store. Eat in the cafeteria cafe upstairs and then go to the top and out onto the roof for free views of Paris! *Make a picnic and have it in one of the gardens, along the river, or on the pedesterian only bridges.

There are many Jewish delis in the 5th, they're closed on Saturday for the Sabbath.

I think you will have fun discovering how many places suit your tastes and budget.

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Carol, you might get more answers if you post this question in the France forum... this one is for Reviews of places you've been.

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Are you staying in the 5th or around Gare du Nord? They are nowhere near each other.

I would think you would find Jewish delis in the 4th, not the 5th. I've stayed in the 5th twice and never noticed one.

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There's a Monoprix, similar to a Target with a grocery store, at Gare du Nord, Place Napoléon III, 75010 Paris, France if you would like to picnic for lunches and then have a nicer dinner.

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Just to let you know Gare du Nord is located in 10th district. Yes, there is a Monoprix close to Gare du Nord in the direction of Montmarte as you walk from Nord towards the 9th district. If you want a bigger Monoprix, one is located across from Gare de l'Est, where the bus #65 stops, among others, diagonally from the Chinese buffet restaurant.

You see very few North Americans in the Nord and Est areas relative to other areas. You probably mean the 5th instead of the 10th district.

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Husband and I stayed at the Ibis near the Gare d' Nord and had no problem at all finding budget places to eat. Bakeries with yummy sandwiches, a great Italian place, and many ethnic places.

I bet if you go to Google street view, you could look for yourself at what kind of places are near your hotel. That is what we do.