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Ribeauville accomdation recommendations

We are planning to stay in Rubeuaville (or possibly another Alsace town) for 6 nights and visit many villages from there.
I am a bit nervous about making a 6 night reservation, because if we don't like it for some reason, that is a long time to not like the place you are staying.
We are looking for a quiet place, with pleasant surroundings, and possibly some green space very close by, like a nice view into the distance, or a nice courtyard, etc.
Also, having a very pleasant experience with the owner/manager of the place would be very desirable.

Can anyone recommend a place like this, in Ribeauville, or a nearby town?


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In 2013 we stayed at for a week at the Gite Alsacien ( ) in Ribeauville. We enjoyed it there and wouldn't have any problems returning. It's right inside the city walls with parking either outside the walls in a nearby parking space, or in a town carpark across the road. There are a number of large and small apartments at the gite, with laundry available. I also see that it has been recently renovated.

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I stayed at Marie Bombenger's B&B in Eguisheim. It's on the edge of the village away from the main road, less than 10 minutes' walk to the center, surrounded by fields and vineyards. It was recommended to me here on the forum and I was very happy with the choice.

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We stayed at a small family owned hotel, but the rooms were small and breakfast modest. I would caution you not to expect luxury Americano housing at bargain rates in old Alsace towns. (Hostellerie des Seigneurs de Ribeauville.) Of course, every town has outskirts, but although many Alsace towns have Garden-Town status awards, that is not the same as having acres of parkland. You didn't mention if parking near or owned by the hotel is important to you.

We used a printed book about Small Luxury Hotels of France, or something like that.

Everyone has their own style of travel, and we don't like to change hotels. But I think six nights is too long in one town in that area. I encourage you to consider three nights in each of two places, just to make the excursions shorter and pleasanter. You may want to consider some special outings that don't fall into the usual suspects, like a 3-Star Michelin meal (I recommend L'Auberge de L'Ill [that's Eye-El-El, a river]) or Le Corbusier's chapel in Ronchamp, or Freiburg, Germany or Basel, Switzerland.