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Restaurant recommendations--Rue Cler area?

Hi, would appreciate any restaurant recommendations for the Rue Cler neighborhood--looking for moderately prices places--don't need anything fancy.... Willing to go to most any neighborhood to try, but are staying in the Rue Cler area. Thanks for any and all suggestions!!

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Karen, when we stayed in Rue Cler we had a lovely dinner at Le Petit Cler. If you're staying at Hotel Beaugency, turn right as you walk out the front door. It's not too far up the street, on the right hand side of the street. Great roast chicken; good house wine.

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Classic Cafe du Marche. Great duck and frites!

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Second vote for Cafe du Marche, it's my favorite cafe in Paris!

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3 for Cafe du Marche! Wonderful staff and we enjoyed the food and drink. We also enjoyed the crepes from the stand on the street...lemon, butter and sugar....ummmm.

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Gusto Italia. It's not right on that road but in the general area.

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Cafe la Terresse located right at the Ecole Militaire metro stop around the corner from Rue Cler is a lovely place, for food, coffee or just a drink.

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Hi Karen, we found a little Italian place by the Eiffel Tower called "Alfio" ( Location, food, and service were all great. We ate there several times during our trip in May 2015 and enjoyed it very much. It's probably a 5 min walk from where you're staying. Hope you have a great trip!

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Yet another vote for Cafe Marche. That was the best and we probably ate at most of the restaurants on that street and on Rue de Mars which is not that far from Rue Cler. We noted that it appeared that most of the patrons were locals and that is always a good hint of where to eat.

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Bistrot Chez France at 9 Rue Amelie just past Hotel 7 Eiffel. This small bistro is a short walk from Rue Cler. Reasonable prices and very good food.

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Thanks to all of you for the suggestions, I really appreciate all of them! Keep them coming! Karen

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Le P'tit Trouquet 28 Rie de'Exposition and it is in the Rue Cler area. I have been there 3 x and it never disappoints! Make reservartions, very small place, not open for lunch.

Les Cocottes - Rue Cler also - 135 Rue St. Dominique -- all the dishes are served in small iron pots. Very nice place, but I will warn you all the tables are high and you sit in high stools. I went for lunch and it was perfect. I would go back for dinner too.

I went to both last Sept and loved them both.

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I second La Terrasse; it is very near Rue Cler, on a corner where the Ecole Militaire Metro stop is, it is a sort of 5 street intersection of Ave de la Motte-Piquet, Ave Bousquet, Ave de la Bourdonnais and Ave Duquesne. It is a great people watching place; locals rushing home after work with their baguettes under their arm, tourists stopping for a break. i have had many a drink and a few meals there; always good.

Cafe Constant and Cocettes de Christian Constant on rue Saint-Dominique. Cafe Constant is at an intersection with rue Augereau. I have eaten many times at Cafe Constant and always had great meals.


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Several more votes from our family for Café Constant, Café du Marché, la Terrasse and also Café le Roussillon!

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Don't forget to go to the Fromagerie and get some Comte, Sausage next door (have them scrub it for you) and a baguette. Figure out how to open the wine bottle and some glasses and you are good to go. Head towards the Tower to find a place to sit.

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Perhaps it was because it had been 24 days since I had ingested a hamburger but at that moment, Cafe Central on Rue Cler had the best burger I ever remember having :) We also had a great crepe at a small place on Rue Cler. It only had room for about 12 people sitting outside but it was our first Paris meal and it was memorable (and relatively inexpensive too).

Loved La Terrasse too. We had our Farewell dinner there on our last night with the BOE tour and we enjoyed it so much we made it our last meal a couple days later before heading home.

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Our best meal by a mile was at Pottaka. It's on the same street as another fine restaurant mentioned by others. A bit more money, but oh so worth it. You need to reserve in advance as it's quite small. We are still talking about the marvelous meal we had there.

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Paris is full of great restaurants. Since you are staying in the 7th (along with most other Americans) and seeing so much of it why don't you venture outside of the 7th and go to a different area. It's refreshing to see other parts of the city and try the many different cultural cuisines that exist in Paris. Our favorite restaurant on our most recent trip in June was this one:

It gets rave reviews and rightfully so. You might want to make a reservation.

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I had missed kathy's post about Cafe Central but this is where I head when I arrive. This will probably NOT be exciting to the rest of you, lol, but they have an excellent tofu burger.

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OMG Tim, we love Loubnane! And they have online booking, which is so convenient. Highly recommend and we will be there later this month!

We like to get out of the neighborhood for dinner most nights and use it to expand our knowledge of the city. Also in St. Germaine, Le Comptoir du Relais is terrific. Don't be intimidated by the wine prices, just get a carafe of the house wine. It's quite good. And in Montmarte, Cave du Gourmand has the best beef bourguignon on the planet.