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Recommendations for hotel in Monaco

We will be traveling to Monaco in March, when prices should be lower than the summer, so we are hoping to spend about 200 euros/night. I would appreciate any recommendations for a hotel that is convenient to a bus/train station so we could have easy access to the most popular sites and transportation to Nice and Eze. I am more interested in location than luxury. Any tips about Monaco would be helpful, too. Thanks!

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There are 2 Ezes but Eze-le-Village is the one you want, this is the one up on the Corniche, the other one is Eze-sur-Mer.
Transportation to Eze-le-Village is a bit complicated, if you want more info, post again, or send me a Private Message.

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Try the Novotel which has good brekkie (make sure it is included or it is expensive) and is only 5 or 6 minutes from the station, and only about as far again to the Casino and the way down the hill.

Nice rooms, decent view on either the mountain view side or the city view side (my preference but another €20 or so a night more), and a very light and open feel.

I've stayed there a few times and would happily return.

I haven't looked at their prices recently, and I'm sure March is a while yet, but it worth watching the Accor and Novotel websites and apps for deals.

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Thanks to you both for your tips and recommendation. I have been researching the Novotel, and the price is right and reviews are good on Trip Advisor. Now I am trying to figure out how to get there after arrival with the airport bus 110 from Nice.

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The Novotel is down hill - a bit - from the station but it is up hill - some - from the Casino. The 110 drops off at a couple of places in Monaco, probably the easiest to the Novotel is the Casino.

It actually drops off in front of the old Office du Tourisme at the top of the Casino Gardens, from whence it is across the street and before the Barclays Bank turn up hill on Avenue Saint-Michel until it joins Boulevard Princesse Charlotte and stay on the left hand side of the road until the Novotel rears up as a large and high rectangle.

Figure 5 minutes if you know where you going, are in good shape, and have no or very light luggage; 10 minutes if not.