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Reasonable Priced Hotel in Paris Best Locations

Hoping to find a good hotel with cancellation policy fo 2 people. I have a gluten problem so I breakfast where I have some choice would be so great too! But first, we need a good location at reasonable price.Thanks!

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What do you consider to be a "reasonable" price, in Euro?

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And what do you plan or hope to do there? Museums? Parks? Shopping?

Do you want a lively area, or something more quiet and sedate?

And how would you define "a good hotel"? This is a serious question. Clean, convenient to metro stops? Large rooms, elevator, room service, on-site bar or restaurant? 24 hour front desk?

We're eager to help you, but we need more parameters!

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Paris is huge --- so there really is no, one good location but a bunch difference locations depending on when you want to go and do. First visit to Paris ??? Most have reasonable cancellation policies but be sure you understand the policy. Some will offer a super, budget rate that is non-cancellable. Just double check. The Rick Steves guidebook does provide many good suggestions. If you don't have it, visit your public library.

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I wouldn’t count on a hotel breakfast being reasonably priced and accommodating for GF in Paris. Breakfast is not typically included in the room price. If it is, it will often be croissant, baguette, jam, juice & coffee, maybe yogurt and a boiled egg if you’re lucky. If it’s not included, you’ll pay 12-15€ for that.

You may want to look for a room with a mini fridge (not common) so you can stock some other options.

“Reasonable price” in Paris is generally much higher than people expect. What does it mean to you?

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Also, "reasonable price" and "best locations" don't often go together.

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"Reasonable price"

The spectrum ranges from Elon Musk to the Motel 6 housekeeper.

"Good location"

Depends what you want to see.

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I plugged in some parameters into free breakfast, less than $200/nt, less than 1/2 mile from city center, over 8.0 rating. Results: 2. In a city with literally tens of thousands of rooms.

Expanding the distance to less than 1 mile from city center gets 9 results. Eliminating the free breakfast gives you 44 results.

One search engine doesn’t tell the whole story, but that gives you an idea that you’ll need to prioritize your wish list. I would prioritize location, knowing I’m going to spend $100 more a night than I think is reasonable for a hotel elsewhere.

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Try Hotel Cluny Sorbonne. It's budget friendly and allows cancellations within reasonable parameters I don't know about breakfast -- I suggest going out and about, finding the food that suits you!

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The Hotel Lenox Montparnasse is wonderful. More reasonably priced than some. Excellent breakfast included only if you book through the hotel. Book through the hotel website, NOT on a third party platform like Expedia, etc. Idk what GF options they have, but it is def worth emailing them to find out.