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Paris Hotel - Le Petit Cosy

I'm finishing up my last night here at Le Petit Cosy Hotel in the 12th arrondissement, and thought I'd put in a word for it as a nice option. I admit to being initially attracted to the name, and can say it lives up to it!

The closest Metro is Picpus, though Nation is an easy walk as well. This could come in handy for those wanting to arrive in Paris via RER. If you have luggage, you can make an easy change at Châtelet to RER A, get off at Nation, and take advantage of their elevator, then do a quick walk, easily less than 10 minutes, to the hotel. To get off at Picpus you would need to navigate stairs with luggage.

The neighborhood is not very touristic, but has simple (though sometimes long) connections to major destinations. You can get easily to the Coulée Verte walkway, and I found myself heading to Bercy Village more than once for shopping, a movie, and taking in a different "vibe" in Paris. It struck me as a nice place for anyone seeking a more local feel.

Rooms are clean and well-organized to use the small (cosy!) spaces well. The decor is modern and attractive, leaning more on the hip side with pretty accent walls. Reception is friendly, with I believe possibly the manager or owner being an American expat who was frequently present. Everyone was responsive and pleasant, with one employee even carrying my bags upstairs without me asking for help. That being said, they are narrow stairs, and could be quite a few depending on where your room is; no elevator if that matters to you! I believe I paid around 125 euros / night for a single occupancy room.

You can include breakfast in the attached cafe / restaurant for a fee; I did not, so I can't speak to it. I did eat dinner there one night and found it to be a pleasant, nicely decorated spot with appropriate pricing and again, friendly service (I had a laugh listening to a waiter imitate Bob Dylan to himself as "Like A Rolling Stone" was playing).

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Glad to hear a review of this hotel — it's in my neighborhood and I’ve always wondered. There are also fantastic bakeries and other food purveyors in the immediate vicinity — diagonally across the street is a great bakery with wonderful pastries and also great sandwiches that would be perfect for picking up and taking on a picnic, and one street away there is a wonderful market street buzzing every day except Monday.

And on nice days there are several cafes (one downstairs) with terraces for enjoying a glass of wine or a beer and watching the local Paris world go by. Also about 8 to 10 minutes' walk from the hotel is a family-owned ice cream shop (Raimo) with exquisite flavors.

Glad to hear that the hotel itself is well done! There are, as you said, such good transit connections — the 6 across the street, and just a few minutes' walk away at Nation, there are the lines 1, 2, 6, and 9, and the RER A (as Amy mentioned, an easy cross-platform exchange from the RER B from CDG airport). And the line 1 whisks you into central Paris in no time! It's a great neighborhood for people wanting to pay a little less and stay in the “real” Paris.

I love my neighborhood and especially this little corner

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And Picpus Cemetery is there as well, where Lafayette is buried along with victims of the Reign of Terror.

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Yes — in fact Lafayette's grave is probably only a of hundred meters or so from the front door of the hotel — but to visit the site, you have to walk down blvd St Mandé and take a left on boulevard (not rue) de Picpus!! (Check opening hours before planning a visit as it's open only in the afternoons).

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A question for Kim and Amy - I just booked two nights at the Petit Cosy Hotel. I see you both enjoy the neighborhood! I see some recommendations from Kim re: ice cream, cafes, etc. Can either of you recommend restaurants, shops, markets, or streets that I should explore while I’m in the neighborhood? I will appreciate any suggestions you have. I really enjoy checking out neighborhoods when I am traveling. Thank you for any suggestions you may have.