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Paris Hotel at Christmas

Hello! My family of four will be spending the Christmas holiday in Paris. We arrive on the 23rd and leave on the 26th. I'm looking for hotel recommendations that might be what an American would consider "festive"! Also, what part of the city is the best at that time of year. This will be our first visit to Europe and I have a million questions!

Thanks in advance!


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I was in Paris close to Christmas and not sure I really saw many hotels that were decorated to the nines... But, I am not sure the Christmas Market will still be going on the 23rd, but if it is that is where you need to go for the holiday ambiance. It was really lovely and had lots of shopping, food, decorations, etc. Paris is so beautiful that it doesn't need a ton of glitz:)

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Thank you for the reply! I'm sure it is amazing! We'll be heading there after spending a few days in Munich and I've heard that they really "do" Christmas well there! :) I suppose I'm most curious about the part of Paris we should be looking to stay in. I need to do some more research! Again, thank you!

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The street decorations unique to each arrondissement are festive. Many hotels have at least a Christmas tree and twinkle lights. To be honest, I enjoyed the simplicity of store window decorations and lobby decorations in Paris to the sometimes overboard trappings of American decorations.