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Paris bed sizes

We are in the early stages of planning our trip to Paris in May 2019. There are 4 people going (hub and I with 2 daughters 20,21). I found rooms that will accommodate us but I am really confused about the bed sizes. A lot of rooms say double but the beds look like king size (looks like there are 2 twin foundations put together). It is imperative to be sure of the bed size since my hubby is 6'3 and 300#. The girls could care less what they sleep on but we would at least need a US queen or king. I have looked at some of the hotels that fellow posters have recommended. Hotel Soft looks nice and they have the size of beds that are in question. Please advise. Thank you.

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You could ask the hotel, they would quote the bed size in cm/metres. They will have no idea what "US queen or king" is (I don't either - I though the US was a republic, no queen or king ☺). Most beds are 2m long, and 1.6m or 1.8m wide.
It is quite common to push two single beds together and add a double size cover.

They will also have no idea what "6'3 and 300#" is. 6 foot 3 inches is 1m95, so a 2m bed should do. I don't know what "300#" is.

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"300#" probably means 300 pounds - roughly 135 kg.

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The twin-like beds put together for a couple is common in many places besides Paris. The two beds are usually secured together.

I've found those beds firmer and sturdier than the often smaller one-mattress bed. And the lodging can separate them if needed.

Be sure the room is for 4 adults and that the girls have a legitimate place to sleep. They may be able to sleep anywhere, but there are rules about that.

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So the 2 twins are put together which in the US equals a king. Chances are they may get their own room and they are fine with 2 twins or both put together :)

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I would contact the hotel and ask what the dimensions of the bed are. It's quite possible that different rooms have different size beds.

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Contact the hotel. I have stayed in a lot of hotels with differing sizes of beds. Convert your requested bed size to meters/centimeters and ask the hotel if they provide that size of bed. Some provide real "king" sized beds. Others make do by pushing two singles together. You will want to know before you book the room.

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Consider an apartment. I don’t care how large the hotel room looks, with 4 adults, one, ahem, generous size, you’ll be like sardines.

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I'm not sure about France specs, but in the UK, a stated king is often close to a US queen-sized bed.

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A US queen-size bed is 160 centimeters wide. Ask the hotel how wide they are. It's very common to push two twins together, or separate them, depending on who's sleeping where. Since you said you found "rooms," I assume your daughters are in a separate room.

Descriptions like "king size" don't mean much in Europe, just that the bed is meant for two people. That could be as small as a US "full size" or "double" bed. Pictures are often taken at angles, or with lenses, that make things look bigger than they are -- not just in European hotels but US real estate ads and everywhere else.

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Pictures are often taken at angles, or with lenses, that make things
look bigger than they are

Right. In addition to the size of the bed, I'll suggest that you take a good look at the size of the room and the shower (unless it has a tub/shower combo) as well. Get onto Trip Advisor and browse through candid pix taken by guests in addition to those provided by the hotel. We've stayed in some pretty small hotel rooms abroad but while Soft is seeing good reviews, their rooms look especially tiny even to me, especially when luggage and their floor-standing air coolers are added to the limited space. Your generously sized spouse may find what smaller folks might call "cozy" to be positively claustrophobic.

Sure, most of us travelers spend just enough time in our rooms to sleep and clean up so they don't need to be enormous but you don't want to be crawling over each other and your luggage either.

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I find photos and reviews on also very useful. In fact, that's usually my single source for researching lodging options. I admit that my standards are pretty low: clean and central with en-suite bathroom and working Wi-Fi and air conditioning is enough for me as long as I don't have to carry my suitcase up more than one flight of stairs in an elevator-less building.