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New hotel in Paris for RS 2019 tour

Stayed at the Hotel De Londres Eiffel in the Rue Cler area for a City Paris tour in May 2106. We just signed up for a Best of Europe 14 day tour in May of 2019 and we were really looking forward to stay at the same hotel because we really love the hotel and the area and the fact that we could walk to the Eiffel Tower and also had such great restaurants. Hotel Tilsitt Etoile is the hotel and is close to the Arc de Triomphe which seems pretty far away from tour destinations. Was wondering if anyone has stayed in this area before and what can you tell me about it.

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While many of the Best of Paris tours stay at Londres Eiffel not even all of them do. I stayed at a different one several years ago. I believe Hotel Tilsett Etoile is routinely used for the 14 day tour. I've also been on two other RS tours that also stayed at 3 different hotels from those!

Sorry you are disappointed! If you have nights before the tour starts perhaps you can book in to the Londres Eiffel.

Editing to add: Did you get a small supplemental neighborhood book before your Best of Paris tour? I got one and altho I am not where I can look at it I believe that neighborhood was listed in there?

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Different tours stay at different hotels. Even within the same tour, different hotels may be used depending on the day of the week the tour starts.

Two key points to remember. First, if a hotel is well placed to the metro, then it is convenient to most Paris sites. Second, the Eiffel Tower area is undergoing a major transformation. It may not be as important to walk to it as it once was. Construction and security mean limited access.

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I have stayed at the Tilsitt Etoile four different times over the past 30 years and find it in a great location. It is comfortable, the service is great and it has its own charm if you look around in the neighborhood. The metro is not far away and the bus from the airport stops within a couple of blocks.

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"Second, the Eiffel Tower area is undergoing a major transformation. It may not be as important to walk to it as it once was. Construction and security mean limited access."

I just want to emphasize this. If you aren't actually visiting the Eiffel Tower, stay well away - or you'll be sorry! The construction barriers mean major detours if you're trying to walk in that area.

And just so you are aren't disappointed in the future, Rick Steves Tours are now a big operation, so they use multiple hotels in any destination. As said above, it's not just that, for instance, the Best of England Tour will have a different London hotel than the Best of London tour; it's that different Best of England departure dates will use different London hotels.

As for the location of the Tilsitt Etoile, you're very close to the Charles de Gaulle-Etoile metro station. This station serves many lines, both regular metro and RER, so you can lots of places without even having to change trains. And, not too far from there, I went to a middle eastern place for a sandwich, and had something I've never seen before or since - mojito flavor 7 Up! My schwarma was good too. I wish I could tell you exactly where it was, but I can't - happy hunting!

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thanks for all the info especially about construction of the Tower. We were not upset about not staying at the previous hotel but was curious about the new hotel and area. Having been on 12 RS tours we know the drill about hotels and I am sure this one will be great.

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I was in Paris in April on my own and encountered the detours around the Eiffel Tower as we were walking there for our timed entry tickets. Major renovation of the gardens and grounds as well as a tall glass wall to surround the tower itself. With bulletproof glass to protect against attacks.

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We stayed at the Hotel Tilsit Etoile on our BOE tour. The breakfast was wonderful and the rooms were comfortable. The location is an easy walking distance to the Metro, the Arc de Triomphe and Champs Elysees. A big plus for us was there is a laundromat and a Monoptix right around the corner from the hotel. In addition there was a wonderful restaurant at the end of the street that we enjoyed. My husband and I walked to the Eiffel Tower from the hotel. I would stay there again and I’m picky when it comes to hotels.

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Thanks Judy for the positive note about the hotel and the metro. Could you tell me when was your BOE tour and about how long did it take you to walk to the Eiffel Tower and what was the condition of construction. Also the name of the restaurant that you and your husband ate at. Thanks

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I went on the week long Paris tour twice and stayed at the Hotel Londres Eiffel each time and I also stayed at the Hotel Tisitt Etioile hotel on the Best of Europe 14 day tour. Rick Steves seems to use the Hotel Londres Eiffel hotel for his week long tours but not for his other tours that go to Paris, including other France tours. I have been on the Paris & Heart of France tour and the South of France tour and we used other hotels in Paris. On the Heart of France tour which starts and ends in Paris, there were two different hotels. One at the beginning and another at the end of the tour.

As for Hotel Tisitt Etolie, I went back to this hotel when I stayed there on my own for a week in Paris without a tour. It was a nice hotel, nice staff, very nice breakfast room and good breakfast and a reasonable room rate for Paris. That was for me a key factor as to how much the room was due to staying for a whole week. And they gave me a discount on breakfast because I was a repeat customer!

The hotel as others have said is right by the metro. It is on a small side street and was very quiet. I would stay there again. It is in walking distance of the Arc de Triomphe which you know already. It is also very easy to get to the hotel from the airport. I took a bus in and it left me off near the Arc de Triomphe and I was able to walk to the hotel.

I checked into staying at the Hotel londres Eiffel but it was way too expensive and that is why I went back to the Hotel Tisitt Etolie.

Yes, I agree it is a bit out of a ways of some of the sites but with the metro so close by it really is not a huge issue.

As for the area, it is right near the Champs-Élysées so you can walk down the street and see that and there are other metro stations along the way. As for eating out, I really never found anywhere to eat near by the hotel, sure there is plenty but I have gathered a list of go to places that I like going back to when I am in Paris that it does not bother me that they are not near the hotel.

Do I love the area, no, but it is doeable with a metro so close and it is nice to go to the Arc De Triomphe during the day and the evening.

Your only in Paris a few days so it really is fine. I loved the tour, it was a true adventure for me to go so many places in one tour. You will love it!

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We ate at LeGeneral, from the front of the hotel turn right and turn right on Avenue de Wagram walk maybe a block. We also ate at Creperie A I’Etole d’Or which is on the same street as the hotel turning left out of the hotel. We enjoyed both. On a Sunday when very little was open we ate at Hippopotamus (I believe it is a chain) on Avenue de Wagram, it was okay. Enjoy your tour, we loved seeing so much of Europe in a short amount of time.

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Although I’ve never stayed in a hotel in this neighborhood, I routinely visit this area for the excellent Rue Poncelet market street and the legendary traiteur Maison Pou on Avenue des Ternes.

A Monoprix is very close to your hotel with grocery store in the basement. My favorite ATM is at the Credit Lyonnais on the corner of Avenue de Niel and Avenue des Ternes: the machines are inside the building.

North and east of the hotel is worth a walk: it’s the beginning of the 17th arrondissement with buildings as lovely as those you saw near the Londres Hotel.

On Avenue des Ternes is Mariage Freres tea shop (yes, the one from the Marais) and La Maison du Chocolat. The Lorraine Brasserie in the Place des Ternes serves delicious fish and shellfish.

I hope this reassures you a bit. And I’m really glad to know of this hotel in the area..thank you for posting.

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We stayed at the Hotel Tilsitt Etoile on our BOE 14 day tour in May 2018. I was initially disappointed with the location since I was hoping for the Rue Cler area but we ended up loving the hotel and the friendly staff. The breakfast was delicious and as others have stated, it's a short walk to a big metro station and the Champs Elysees. I loved that the hotel used L'Occitane products and would sell them to you for a very cheap price! We checked the prices elsewhere and ended up buying a few bottles of the bath and hand soap to take home. They smelled so good :).
We ate at a nearby restaurant-Lateral that was very good and reasonably priced. My husband did a little Google maps research of the area around the hotel before we got there and found a local street market that was open the day after we arrived. We loved interacting with the locals and buying some local treats (including truffles) to enjoy back in our room.
We would definitely stay there again.