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My-way France Tour Hotels

For anyone who participated in a "Tour France in 13 days, My Way, can you share the name of the hotels you stayed in in each of the cities, and your feelings about those hotels. If you were to travel on your own, would you ever go back to those hotels? Thank you for any insight you can share.

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Clif, you'll find that the tours do not always stay in the same hotels. Have you tried looking at the scrapbooks on this website? Some folks include pictures of the hotels in their scrapbooks.

We've been on 14 RS tours (but not this on) and have been pleased with most of the hotels. We tend to like the smaller, family run hotels, but the range of RS hotels we've stayed in have run the gamut from weird (in a good way) to luxurious. Most of them tend toward the utilitarian end of the spectrum.

It's hard to know what people find acceptable or even desirable in hotels. I have a relative who refuses to stay in anything less than a Four Seasons. I like a clean, quiet room with running water nearby. (The nearer, the better. En suite bathrooms are appreciated.)