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Marseilles - Chez Madie Les Galinottes at Le Vieux Port

Has anyone eaten at Chez Madie and had the bouillabaisse? Any other restaurant recommendations in Marseilles around the port? We are coming into Marseilles on a cruise ship and need to meet a French friend who is coming from Nans le Pins. Tks.

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I've eaten at Chez Madie and enjoyed it but so has everyone else -- it is thoroughly discovered and recommended,
so make sure you have a reservation.
Note that it is not fine dining -- the decor is on the bright/bistro end of the spectrum, and most people seated out front are smoking.

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I spent a week in Marseille in May 2017 and loved it. Now, I have spent lots of time in Paris and Rome and other must see places. So I found marseille a breath of fresh air. A real working city, good public transportation, and easy to explore.

To answer your specific question about a place for dinner, here is my suggestion. The area around the port of marseille I found uniformly interesting. There are a variety of museums and I found just walking around stimulating. All of this is close to the cruise port and a new very fancy mall called Les terrasse du port. On the top level of this mall overlooking the Mediterranean, is a huge veranda. A restaurant located here is called Viapano. It is a huge local favorite. And it is fun to eat here. Guests combine their own Italian pasta and sauce picks to make their own special dish. Plus the luxuries we like with a nice dinner are offered; wine, beer, a view, desert. I loved the energy and also making my own dinner.

The hours are flexible and no reservation needed. You can eat there and laugh with your friends and walk around the neighborhood and enjoy marseille. It's way undersold as a city to visit.