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Lyon - Avoid Brasserie de Sud (Paul Bocuse)

So glad to have read Rick's recommendations (and warning) regarding the above mentioned restaurant. We knew going in that we might be rushed, and had made reservations. It was 1930 - early for the French, and the place was virtually empty. They started by taking us away from the lovely outdoor seating area (covered and heated/cooled) and through an empty restaurant to a lone two-top BY THE DAMNED KITCHEN!! We refused the table and requested outside. We ordered a bottle of St. Joseph's wine, my hubby ordered an entrée, and I told him to dawdle. The guy kept pushing us to order dinner, blah, blah. We ordered our meal requesting the meat be rare. Two bites into the entrée and they tried to bring out the plat. The waiter saw my look of horror (had one sip of wine) and took it back. He tried to foist the same meat on us 30 minutes later. Rare meat doesn't stay rare for 30 minutes, so it was sent back to be re-done. Food was marginal at best, and wouldn't recommend you waste your time there.

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Just curious, why did you think you were going to be rushed? I have not been to this place, and it has reasonably good reviews with the occasional negative take. It sounds like you knew it wasn't a good bet for you, and with all the fabulous restaurants in Lyon, I'm curious why you elected to go here.

It should probably be noted for others that this location is not the same as the Institute Paul Bocuse, which gets consistently great reviews. Brasserie Le Sud is a less-expensive restaurant for Bocuse, and focuses on Mediterranean and Marseille style dishes.

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Rick suggested it would not be as laid back as other places...we went as it was mentioned in the book, and it was a block and 1/2 from where we were staying. That being said, we were unaware that even closer to us was the Institute - but reservations were required a long time in advance. New to Lyon - you learn by making mistakes.