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Lunch Hours - 12-2pm in Paris - do doors close at 2 or last reservation at 2?

We'll be in Paris in May and notice lunch hours 12-2 pm. Does this mean restaurant closes at 2 or that the last lunch reservation is taken at 2 and you'll likely be there another 1 1/2 hrs?

This is crucial to our planning.
Thanks so much world travelers.

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It means lunch is served beginning at noon and they close lunch down at 2. Be there at noon if you can. The French relax and enjoy long lunches.

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In addition to what Terri Lynn said, restaurants are more likely than they are in the US to have only one seating. In other words, if someone was at a table from noon to 1:30, they are not necessarily going to seat you at that table if you come in at 1:35 (even if the sign out front says they're open until 2:30 or 3).

However, there are plenty of places to get food between 2 PM (the "end" of lunch) and 7 PM (the "start" of dinner). If you want a formal, sit down restaurant, that works better if you plan to eat at standard times (12-2 and 7-10). Many people don't start their dinner until 8. If you want crepes, or Chinese, or sandwiches, or souvlaki, or pizza, you can eat at any time.

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If it's a chef-owned or small restaurant that takes reservations, 1:00 would be the later limit. I've seen tourists come into some places like Polidor, a place that's become real touristy, at 1:30 and get served, but not Parisians. Some well-known places have been bought by corporations but kept the original name. They are much looser and don't care when you arrive as long as you are spending your money--unlike a private or chef-owned restaurant.

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If you do find yourself looking for a late lunch, restaurants that offer a full meal service outside the usual times will often have a sign on the exterior saying "service continu" ("continuous service").

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2 pm means you should be able to go in as late as 1:45 and be seated and have lunch. Parisians don't really go to lunch until 1 pm . . . .