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Lunch/dinner Restaurant suggestions in the 1st Arrond for a family of 4

It appears to me that it's very difficult to feed a family of 4 for under $100.00 in a sit down restaurant of any quality, am I wrong?
I know we can go get bread, cheese, and meats and make a picnic but how about places that aren't $25 per person? Any suggestions would be helpful.

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With my family we sometimes ate at nicer crepe shops. I forget the name, but after a night of sight seeing at Notre dame, we found one a few blocks away and crepe dishes were anywhere from maybe 7-15 euros. This had the atmosphere of a nice restaurant. If you want wine and/or desserts you may have difficulty keeping a family of four under $100. We also had dinner just over the river from their at a place called Le Trumilou and 3 course prix fixe was 24 or 25 euros if I recall. This had a great old school French atmosphere. For 4 that would put you right at 100 euros before wine.

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I used some suggestions from this blog also. . Don't limit yourself to the 1st I would say. If you use the metro you are only a few minutes away from lots of places, and if you get away from touristy areas, prices will go down. When I was there in November we were 4 and managed to eat very well most of the time for 100 or less at dinner. We would do some market lunches, and crepe stands for sure and this helped keep the price for food down. We also found some ethic place like a tapas place called Bodega 64 near Hotel de Ville which was very reasonable and good and a Lebonese place. We were staying near Bastille in the 11th and the prices were definitely somewhat lower there from what we saw. But, it was a pleasant walk to the 1st.

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Don't limit yourself to the 1st.. I have stayed in the first 3 times and found eating there expensive..

Walk for 10 minutes and check other areas..

Walk across the river ..

There are plenty of places you can eat for under 100 bucks.. however.. watch out.. things like soda/pop for the kids can break the budget.. I usually allowed my kids one " in café/restaurant" soda/juice a day ( at sometimes up to 5-6 euros a hit) and the rest of the time they drank tap water at tables ( its perfectly fine and I like drinking it myself) and then I purchased some extra juices and sodas that we kept in mini fridge at hotel for extra treats.. or if out and about walking I would let them get a soda/juice at a grocery store.. for like 1-2 euros.. big difference to sitting down prices.

There are a few chain type places that are not horrible at all, and many restaurants offer a "menu" ( set meal of 2-3 courses) for a good price on their daily special board.

Are your kids younger.. or are they big kids ( ie.. a 15 boy eats like a man.. so you are stuck paying for 4 adults.. not a family of two adults and two children..)

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Just checked, it is between 1-2nd and was not super pricey!