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Les Papilles (Paris, Latin Quarter)

This was going to be our one an only main meal in Paris. I wanted to do it right. After reading the Paris Guidebook, and other recommendations and reading reviews I decided to make a Saturday lunch reservation here. Email reservation was easy. This small charming place warmly greeted us. They took our coats and seated us. Bertrand explained the food they were serving today (no carte!). This may not be the place for you if you are a fussy eater. We asked him for a wine recommendation and he quizzed us about our taste preferences and made a marvelous selection. It truly paired with everything we ate perfectly. He says all their wines are priced 7 Euros above store cost. We had a carrot soup that I couldn't stop eating. A slow roasted pork dish with a wonderful white bean sauce with vegetables and a wonderful pesto sauce boasting garlic. My wife who always cuts up her meat and leaves all the fat trimmings on the side cleaned up this dish leaving nothing behind. after that was a nice cheese plate with a blue cheese. and a wonderful dessert. The food was prepared beautifully and with great care. The ingredients were marvelous. the service was warm and made us feel at home there. Best way to describe our meal that day was French comfort food brilliantly done. When we walked in we were tired from travel, the sky was grey and rainy and when we walked out it was beautiful blue skies. and this meal and service transformed our feelings equally. We will be back in Paris one day. And we will return to Les Papilles!

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Yo Pauly, we loved Les Papilles! Liked the fact that it's a tasting menu-not a lot of decisions to make, they just keep bringing great food. And yes it was very friendly and kind of homey. The wines were good, and, as promised, a good value. I do recall that I made our reservation by email with Bertrand, and that he made a point of telling me that we must call on the day of our reservation to confirm.

Excellent spot, here's a pic.

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Thank you for sharing, may I ask when were you in Paris? I will be in Paris for five nights and am considering this restaurant for one of the nights. I am going in Sept after the RS Paris & Heart of France tour. I have been to two other restaurants that Rick Steve recommends and will be booking a table for my friend and I for each place. I am one for recommendations so this will be high on my list to go to.