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La Ruelle Restaurant in Saint Jean de Luz, France

We couldn't get into our preferred restaurants and this was mentioned favorably in Rick Steves' book. We should have known from the few occupied tables. I eat almost anything, but the entree I was served (seafood but full of shell) was impossible to eat. I sent it back, but the owner did not even speak with me and did not offer to substitute anything. I tried to have him remove the item from our bill. He wouldn't so I tried to subtract it, but he would not let me leave and when I went to the door he knocked me down. Then some of his buddies from a nearby also joined him, five of them to one of me. We reported him to the police the next day. The restaurant is probably out of business now.

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Well, Bill, that is quite a story. Why did you wait until the next day to report the owner to the police? He had physically assaulted you, according to your account. You should have the gone immediately to the police. By the way, why did five of his friends suddenly appear on the scene? Were you being obstreperous and threatening? As I said, quite a story. Missing a few details, though.

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That restaurant is rated 2 1/2 stars in St Jean De Luz by Trip Advisor,there are a lot of better choices in town.We usually use Yelp and TA for our restaurant choices,sounds kind of fishyto me.