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La Petit Chatelet, Paris across from Notre Dame

Beware, on Jun 3, 2014 my wife and I ate at this establishment after making reservations in advance of our travel with a fellow who spoke perfect English at the facility. Long story short we were given a menu from which we ordered and ate. When the bill comes the prices are 25% higher than on the menu. Upon complaining and asking for the menu to check prices, guess what. The prices were as shown on the bill but in red ink, not black ink as we ordered from. Upon complaining forcefully no one spoke English enough to discuss the problem. Surprise!

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Thanks for sharing your report. Were those prices pre-printed or hand-written on the menu? In hindsight, do you think one price was at lunch and the other at dinner?

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They were preprinted, no one was not lunch and the other dinner. To elaborate the red menu(last, higher priced) were the same food. We were also given the story we didn't understand we had to pick an asterisked item to get the one price/ three course meal. My wife speaks enough French and I know an asterisk when I see one that this was hogwash. Our meal was priced ala-cart when we got the bill. In any case it was 7:00pm when we ordered, if we were handed the wrong menu, they handed it to us. The older gentleman who seated us, in my opinion was the Dad whom I made the reservation with, his I'm guessing son brought the menu and took the order and brought the food, I'm also betting it was his daughter who brought the bill whom I argued with. Interesting the old man disappeared and didn't come to his daughter/young female employee's defense when the ruckus began. The wine was the biggest glaring red difference along with an asterisk on the second menu that wasn't on the first. Clearly a scam.