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How to handle a confirmed reservation when Paris Hotel says they're booked?

Today, I was confirming all my arrangements for my May travel to Paris, and my RS tour.
Paris stay is May 1- May 3/ Thursday-Saturday.

My Paris hotel sent an email reply back to me stating they were fully booked. They suggested i use tripadvisor and to find a hotel.
I emailed them back our exchange of original emails showing my reservation and their confirmation made in October, 2013.
It has been two hours and I haven't had a reply back yet.

1. Should I give the hotel a day to correct their error, then call them if they have not replied back?
2. Should I book another hotel that honors a cancellation in case the hotel
doesn't correct their error?

I have a meeting to attend and will be back here later tonight. Thanks in advance.

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It is night time here in Europe and the front desk clerk who may be handling the English emails is probably at home. Wait until tomorrow.

If they do not honor your room reservation it is up to them to find you a new hotel at the same rate and the same value.

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I didn't know what they were accountable for. Thanks Jo for the prompt reply and explaination.

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Jo, my reservation is now confirmed as I originally booked. Thanks again.

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After your trip, may I suggest you take the hotel's advice and go to Trpadvisor; but to write a review stating what transpired? Initially, this hotel advised you go to the TA website without recommending an alternative hotel for your stay. I think their actions were cold. I think people looking to stay at this hotel need to be aware that this is not a reliable establishment to be trusted. I would have been offended by their actions.

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I'm so glad that it worked out. Are you able to share how it was resolved? I wondered if it was just a mistake at the time of your confirmation email, or if they did something to make your original reservation 'confirmed' - if they, in fact told you.

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Wow, they ought to be aware of tripadvisor's famous and infamous reviews of hotels! And they told you to go there after attempting to bump you from a confirmed reservation?
Please let us know how check-in goes.

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I thought this was a buried thread by now so I didn't see the additional replies until today.

I sent the Hotel all our (mine & theirs) e-mail corespondences to show them the reservation and
confirmation. It was now 10pm Paris time.

I awoke to an apologeitic e-mail from them. The day clerk had replied to me by 12 noon their time the next day. He said " he went through the reservation system & located my booking".

The e-mail of the hotel being, "fully booked please look at TA", was made by the evening clerk.

I noticed their reservations are handled through a central booking system, versus a direct line to their hotel. Perhaps, that's where the error occurred? I'll follow it up once I'm there & I'll let you know how it goes.

They have a good reputation, central location, safe area, close access to bus & Metro, and a great service record. All reasons why I chose them.

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Dont worry.. night clerks are usually not the best.. I mean that kindly.. they are usually the least senior.. and often have the worst grasp of english.. The day clerk fixed the problem as soon as he could.. so I would be happy with result.. The night clerk likely simply did not understand you were reconfirming.. he may have thought you were trying to book.. he may "speak english" but not be fluent. We have to cut them slack as most of them speak better english then we do french.. and we will make mistakes.. so forgive and forget all is well now.

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Pat, To me the matter is over. To get an answer for the others here, I thought I'd inquire once I was settled at the hotel. I have decided that I do not need further clarification & will not pursue it any further.
The reservation was done in typed English, e-mail. I clearly stated I wanted to confirm my booked reservation made back in October. I agree language difference can create miscommunication.
I'm thinking the evening clerk just simply made an error as it was all rectified so quickly by the day clerk. Amen.

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Furthermore, night clerks are often people from third world countries without a strong grasp of either French or English.