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Hotels in Paris - 6th or 7th Arrondisement

I'm trying to decide between staying in the 6th Arrondisement (seems like a more central location as we'll be visiting all areas of Paris in 4 days) or the 7th Arrondisement (closer to Eiffel Tower) . What is the difference in atmosphere/vibe (cafes, etc) of location and is one more economical? Looking for a mid-range hotel, charmingly French, but somewhat modern.

Thank you.

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Either the 6th or 7th would be fine, as far as neighborhoods go. They're different but both good.

In May I'm sleeping the 1st week in the 6th near the Luxembourg Gardens and the 2nd week changing to a hotel in the 7th, near des Invalides.

For Paris hotel room selection, the specifics of the hotel room itself are as important as the neighborhood.
If you have not been to a hotel before, you want to look carefully on the hotel website for clues as to 1) size of the room type you're considering (most Paris hotel rooms are quite small by American standards) and 2) the modernity and size (or lack thereof) of the bathroom and its plumbing fixtures.
Both of these can be an issue in Paris hotels (for Americans, who are used to larger rooms and modern bathrooms).

If you're going in the summer, AC will be an issue, too--let us know if you're going in the summer. Basically, rooms that don't have AC probably also don't have screens on the windows, and that can be a problem with heat and bugs flying in. You probably want AC in the summer, even in Paris.

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I like the 6th more than the 7th but both are great. The 6th, as you said, is more cental. It's also closer to the river which makes a difference for me. The 6th is more lively, has more cafes and more interesting architecture imo. Both are very upscale and beautiful. Important to me, the 6th has the Luxembourg gardens, my favorite place of all in Paris.

The only hotel I'm familiar with and can recommend in the 6th is the Hotel Madison, but it's not inexpensive.

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In May we'll spend a week in the 6th and then change hotels and sleep for a week in 7th. Just because we like both neighborhoods, and for a little change of scenery.
Susan mentioned the Luxembourg Garden area, that's where we'll be the 1st week, and then near des Invalides (Napoleon's Tomb) and the river the 2nd week.

There are other good neighborhoods or quartiers to sleep in:
Isles St. Louis
The Marais
Rue Cler (in the 7th)

And people who want to spend a little less on hotels will stay farther out, not in the single digit arrondissement (districts).

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Kent metioned Ile St Louis... That's my favorite neighborhood of all to stay in. Can't get more central, it's like a little village in the heart of Paris, surrounded by the river and amazing views.

Three hotels I can highly recommend there: Hotel Ile St Louis, Hotel des Deux Iles and Hotel de Lutece. Again, not inexpensive but well worth the $. And for only 4 nights it's where I would want to be.

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The heart of the 7th, Avenue Breteuil for instance, is lined with the most opulent, and massive, 'Beaux Arts style' apartment houses. Room size should not be an issue in the area, and I'm sure many would come with an Eiffel Tower view. Economy is another issue.

A 15 min. walk down Rue de Babylone and you'd be in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, pretty much the heart of the 6th. Things are closer together here, making it more walkable to the generous cluster of nearby sites, but room sizes just have to be smaller in this denser area. I'm sure prices won't be much more economical because of it's very central location.

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I love the 7th Arrondissement. When we lived in Paris, this was our neighborhood and we visit several times a year and stay here. As for hotels, I recommend Hotel Relais Bosquet at 19 rue du Champ Mars which you can find out about at and Hotel Muguet at 11 rue Chevert which you can check out at . Both are lovely, comfortable, and have friendly staffs. Both are, of course, air-conditioned and quite charming. The Hotel Relais Bosquet also rents out some apartments (click "our apartments" at the bottom of their home page on their site).

Why the 7th? It is very close to the Eiffel Tower, my beloved Musee d'Orsay, the Musee Rodin, the Champs de Mars gardens, the Invalides, and to the Rue Cler area. You can get anywhere from here using the Metro and buses. It is the Paris people dream about, beautiful architecture, wine shops, cheese shops, chocolate shops, veggie and fruit markets, flower stalls, bakeries and cafes, good restaurants, boat tours on the Seine, and more. If you ever read Ludwig Bemelman's children's books about Madeleine, this is the area of Madeleine's magical neighborhood. You will feel like you live in Paris if you stay here.

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I like Terri Lynn's description of the 7th.
Rick covers sleeping in the 7th in his discussion of the Rue Cler neighborhood, in his Paris guidebook.

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Thanks to all for your replies. I thought maybe the 6th would be more centrally located.

Is there a difference between the 6th and the 7th as far as restaurants, cafes, shops?

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We've stayed in both arrondissements and prefer the 6th. The 7th folds up pretty much around dark whilst the 6th stays lively past midnight most nights. That can be attractive or not so much if you don't get a hotel room on the quiet back side from the street. We stay on the islands in the 4th but the 4th, 5th, and 6th are all easily walkable until the wee hours of the morning, if that is a concern. Lots of late night bistros in the 5th and 6th and the French typically eat a late dinner so lots of places are open. The metro is close to just about anywhere you stay and you can get to most central sights in a few minutes via the metro.

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The 6th is more centrally located.. and parts of the 7th are very residential.. dead in evening.. which some like though.. but also a bit deserted to walk back to late at night..

There are quiet areas and streets within the 6th.. definitely not noisey all night as one posted suggested!! Depends on your exact location.