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Hotel Lafayette- Nice France Pros and Cons

The hotel is outdated with worn decor but has a great central location. The hotel sits on the first floor, no elevator and it’s a 30 stair climb. With a newly torn meniscus just three days before my vacation trust me I counted. Once out of the hotel I wasn’t returning until bedtime. It’s just two short blocks to the Promenade du Paillon with the fountains and garden and another short block to Promenade des Anglais and old town. Hobbling with a cane it took us about 20 minutes to the Promenade des Anglais. The hotel is on a commercial street with public transport with a nice place for breakfast right next door and a bank a few doors down for the ATM. The hotel has a decent breakfast with breads, pastries, egg maker, small choice of cheese, meats. It’s a quiet hotel with very good ac. The hotel staff were very pleasant. Our bathroom was ridiculously small. A larger person would not fit in the shower or on the toilet. I snuck a peak in an open room and their bathroom was much better laid out. The beds were comfortable but a little on the hard side for me. The price was 120 euro per night. All in all adequate.

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Thank you, highlanderct. How's the healing going? It's miserable being sick or injured on a trip.

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Ouch! I hope you were able to enjoy the beautiful scenery during the day and are mending very soon!

I was just in Nice for several days a few weeks ago. I stayed at Hotel Regence which could be easier for anyone coming in the future with walking issues since it was just a couple of steps up to my room and had a decent bathroom. Price is $110/night for a couple for a double room. I didn’t eat breakfast at the hotel, but I did stop and talk to a couple of women in the breakfast room when I saw their Rick Steves book!

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Hi Jane and Jean. Got home and saw an orthopedist. He gave me a cortisone shot. Improving slowly. Trying to avoid surgery. The trip was hard. Went two days without the cane and on day two I’m not ashamed to say I drop a tear or two. We slowed down. Lots of wine helped dull the pain. I swallowed my pride and used the cane. The bright side is that we were forced to simply enjoy being in Paris. We went to one district and stayed there. Stopped for coffee, rested when needed. We went to a few museums but mostly got lost walking, wandering. The metro was impossible for me so the bus was needed and was the most frustrating part of the trip. So dang confusing. Finding bus stops, the right bus and then the right direction... was an adventure. The bus and metro strike kept us close to home. We shopped for treasures. All in all I have to say the injury helped us see a different side of Paris. Thanks for asking.